Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nature's Performance

Thanks to the teachers at Two Writing Teachers who team up every week to host the Tuesday Slice of Life Story Challenge...

Leaves clogging down the street,
Arriving for the play!
Wind howling in our ears
Performers coming nearer...
Thunder clapping in the distance!
Performance beginning,
Drops plip-plopping hard then harder!
Light dimming...
Leaves settling down watching the show.
Wind howling through the eaves!
Storm storming now!
Thunder booming
Lightening flashing

Actors hamming it up
Rain splashing harder
Thunder booming louder
Lightning flashing brighter
Performance almost ending
Drops are dropping
Still plip-plopping
Leaves glistening with joy in the sun
Lights coming up...
Storm moving on.
No blackouts today!
Thunder and rain taking a final bow!
(without a curtain call)
Nature's new backdrop-
the rainbow!
Upstaging thunder, wind and rain's performance!
What a beautiful sight!

Just some inspiration after hearing the leaves and the storm yesterday...but no rainbow...that part's a dash of imagination!  Happy Spring slicing friends!  I think it's finally here.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

In Defense of a Big Brother

While Kameron is on Spring Break this week, he's going to the same childcare center where I send Natalie.  She's so happy that he's there with her.  And dropping them off at the same place and same time each day this week has been a nice change of pace.  Kam even shared with me today that he got to watch Nat during her dance class and said she did pretty good.

On the drive home though, Kam shared with me that one of the teachers just can't seem to get his name right. I asked Kam if he wanted me to talk to the her about it.  He said yes.  Well, Miss Nattie heard this too and later shared her own thinking on the topic as we got ready for bed...

"Momma, I want my notebook."

"You do?  What for?"

"I want to write Miss C a note and tell her, Kameron's name is nooot Ethan!"

"Ok, I'll get you your notebook!"

I promptly went downstairs and shared this little tidbit with Kev and Kam.  We all had a little giggle at Nat's defense of her big brother!

I came back upstairs and she promptly scribbled away a little scribble-scrabble note in her fat and chunky notebook.  She turned a few other pages and did some more scribble scrabble and then laid down pencil and notebook still in hand.  I turned out the lamp and she nodded off to dreamland holding on to the defense plan...the truth!

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers writers for hosting the Slice of Life Story Challenge...thank you for all you do to encourage the written word!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Traditions, Rituals, and Routines



These are the words that tumbled through my mind as I contemplated the slice for today...I was able to live in two worlds today!  The new and the known.  It was a smooth blend of fulfilled expectations and hope for future connections.

I got to work with first graders on their writing today.  I loved this because their pictures and writing were so sincere.  We started our new unit on informative/expository writing today.  The students shared experiences where they have seen people writing.  One of the little darlings shared that he saw his dad writing the taxes!  And another shared that he watched his mom write a grocery list.  One of the rituals we've worked to improve was our "stretch it out, write what we hear, underline it and move on" routine for figuring out words we don't know how to spell.  And we're getting better at it!

A new tradition was started today as I worked with some fifth graders who started to blog for the first time.  They approached the new routine confidently as I showed them what to do.  They decided the topic of their posts for today.  The kids wrote about books, vacations, TV shows and the first day of school.

After school, I met up with fellow slicer Julie Johnson at Raising Readers and Writers for coffee while she's in town at her parents' house.  She shared how coming up to visit during her spring break has become a bit of a tradition.  We had a nice visit...talking about all things teaching, family, writing, and books.  I am most excited to read A Snicker of Magic...Julie highly recommended it!

And the Ohio winter tradition we can't get a break from-more snow made its mark as well.  As we chatted, the snow began to fall once again in pretty, large flakes.  I thought that if this had been one of the first snows, everyone would have commented on its beauty...under the circumstances at this point, most would say "Not again!".

I headed for home and arrived in time for supper, clean-up and reading...but breaking from homework. And still the words tumbling in my do we keep these feeling fresh and new?  Or is there more joy found in keeping things the same?


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hatching Eggs!

Slice of Life
Day 23

The refrigerator door slowly opened and I wondered what to eat for breakfast today.  Hmmm.  I decided on making an egg and English muffin sandwich.  I carefully lifted the egg out of the six pack, cracked it gently into the bowl and began to scramble it adding just a drop of milk.  I cooked it in the microwave because it simply makes the perfect round egg to plop on the English muffin.  My muffin came out toasted just right along with the egg and I sat down at the table to enjoy my sandwich and the hazelnut coffee my hubby brewed this morning!

The little imp of the house had already decided to eat the coco puffs for her breakfast.  She decided on not finishing them as they had grown soggy after she went off to play with the toys in the sun-room.  Then, she heard me cooking and watched me eating my tasty toasted blend of morning joy...

Half way through my breakfast, the little imp insisted, "I want to hatch some eggs!" meaning she wanted to crack the egg into the bowl, mix it, and cook it.  So I called her over to the kitchen and we began the process for cooking her egg and toast.

photo credit:  wikihow

My nerves were on edge as I handed her the egg to break on the edge of the bowl.  My habit of prediction brewed up images of messiness as soon as the deed was done.  I demonstrated the slow and careful approach to egg "hatching" and hastily handed over the egg for her to do the deed...and then "hatch"!  She tapped the egg so hard that it immediately broke in half with some shell and egg going into the bowl, her hand and the floor.  "Ok, Nat, not so hard next time! Let's clean it up!"  

"Sorry Mom!"

"It's ok, just not so hard..." and we cleaned up the mess that began her second nibble of breakfast.  It's hard to let your imp make mistakes...but how else can they learn?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Celebration Slice

this week

Each year I grow older, I reflect on the year that's been.  Today, I am celebrating a-one-year-older-one-year-wiser me...It's been a year of ups and downs but still I celebrate.  I celebrate because I am blessed with a very loving family (immediate as well as extended)!  I have a wonderful husband (loving, patient, understanding and supportive!).  I have been blessed to be a mom twice-what could be better?  I also have many wonderful friends I've connected with through my job and throughout my life.

And then, there are my virtual friends-whom I've met through slicing, blogging, and tweeting!  Meeting the slicers at NCTE this year was a definite highlight (so many inspirational people!).  Thank you to my fellow blogging after day, and week after week, you leave precious little gifts through the thoughtful comments you share. You've all pushed me and challenged me to grow both personally and professionally...

So today, I celebrate the abundant blessings that have come my way.  Each of them special for it's own reason and so cherished.  Thank you to all of my wonderful family, friends and colleagues for celebrating with me on my birthday!  Love to you all.  I feel as if I can have my cake and eat it too slice by slice!

Photo Credit

Later, we'll celebrate with a special dinner at Nuevo Acapulco (Mexican cuisine), cake and ice cream.  Then, we'll head out to the Pinewood Derby-good luck to my K-man!  What do you do to celebrate your birthday?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Celebrating Mini Slices II

Slice of Life Story Challenge
Slice 15 of 31 

Thanks for hosting these special events and celebrating writing and writers!

Another busy week flew by and I was able to write and slice a few of the days for the Slice of Life Story Challenge.  Today, I am glad to wake up slowly and take some time to reflect on the Celebration Mini Slices that I would have written if the time and energy would have been there...

Day by Day

I am celebrating my sweet little family!  We enjoyed spending time with my in-laws!  The reason we got together was to honor Kevin on his birthday!  The kids loved the chocolate cake my mother-in-law brought to share.  Of course the kids love seeing their nona and poppa!  We also watched the half-time ceremony of the Cavs game when Z had his number retired.  What an honor! 

We met up with my side of the family to celebrate our birthdays at New Era restaurant.  We talked a lot about my uncle who passed on Saturday.  We will miss him greatly but know that he's now comfortably residing in heaven and no longer suffering.  My mom took this very hard...just adding to the difficulty of what we're already going through with her.  My uncle also had cousin and I have been talking about the similarities between my mom and her

I am celebrating that we completed Kameron's biography report and presentation board on John Glenn without any accidents or mishaps.  We were also able to find the Model Magic he needed for his landform project.  I also made it to work early for an important meeting with the Curriculum and Instruction Division.  Our Assistant Superintendant wanted everyone in their seats ready to go at 5 till 8.  I was there at 7:45 (a stretch for me since I have both kids to drop off in the morning before I get to work).  I made it!

I also took my mom to a follow up appointment with the surgeon. This lead to her telling me about how bad her ear hurt.  As a result, I took her to the med clinic they normally go to and she had wax impaction in her right ear and her left eardrum was perforated...she probably had this for awhile.  How she dealt with pain without telling anyone is unimaginable...

I have been in contact with Derek Munson, author of Enemy Pie and Bad Dad since summer.  He willingly responded to questions third grade students at Barber had regarding the book Enemy Pie.  We tweeted his response that was posted to our class kidblog and he tweeted back to us.  Many thanks to Derek!

I made it through another doctor appointment with my parents.  This time we had our appointment with the geriatrician.  She started floating care options toward my dad.  He's going to have a hard time making this decision on how to best take care of my mom.  The geriatrician and I agreed that my dad can barely take care of himself now...

I breathed a sigh of relief as yet another winter storm turned out to be less problematic than originally forecasted. Thank God we didn't have another snow day called.  As a result, we were able to get pizza for Kam's school pizza night at Marcos.  This was a special event since the kids designed their own pizza boxes.  We celebrated seeing Kam's box design.

I celebrated the health of my children...I thought Kam was getting sick.  He came home and slept for two hours after school.  He didn't want to eat or drink...just sleep.  When he woke up, he seemed less pale and ate some jello.  I am not sure what was going on but he ended up being ok and was able to get up for school on Friday.

I enjoyed a fun lunch out with friends, although a little rushed.  We went to a newer restaurant called The Blue Door.  It's a buzzing little bakery/cafe.  I had the grilled cheese special (gruyere cheese with fig butter) YUM! tomato soup and bib lettuce greens.  It was delicious and the company was perfect.

Waking up, writing, and here to celebrate with you!  Looking forward to date night with my hubby...babysitter lined up...what could be better?

Monday, March 10, 2014

10 Songs on the Tenth

Slice of Life Story Challenge
Slice 10 of 31
Thank you to Two Writing Teachers
Hosting the SOLSC all month at their blog...
join in the reading and writing challenge!

Let the number do the talking...10 on the tenth...our top 10 songs around the house these days...did a lot of research to come up with this list sneakily surveying the fam.
courtesy of

10-Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Nattie's vote)

9-The Cup Song  (The ever addicting tapping can't/won't get it out of my head) from the movie Pitch Perfect

8-Frosty the Snowman  (car song request) and Christmas tunes linger on

7-YMCA (due to Despicable Me Minions) Kam bought the movie and we popped it in a lot during the snow days when we were home this winter.

6-Let it Go (who can't stop singing this song right now?) Frozen-which ironically has a lot of similarities to how we are all feeling after this winter

5-Don't Stop Believing  (we all take advice from Journey these days) we must have faith right?

4-Fallen Kingdom (Minecraft addicts unite)  Minecraft parodies abound these days and every chance the boy gets, he's on the computer creating in the Minecraft world humming these songs.

3-Revenge (Minecraft Creeper Song) see number four to learn additional background info on the Minecraft rage in our house.

2-Happy (another Despicable Me fall out)  Yes, the little tune that gets you up and moving...

1-Everything is Awesome (Lego Movie-and it's true!) The Lego Movie was a big hit-I still want to see it but Dad and Kam loved it.  I know what the boy will want this as soon as it comes out on video.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Making a living

Slice of Life Story Challenge
Slice 9 of 31

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the SOLSC this month

A Slice from a Slice

On March 5, I read a thought stirring piece about the plight of the homeless and the subway system at Raivenne's blog.  I really thought a lot about this as I have noticed more and more homeless as I drive through the city.  This linking and thinking caused me to want to write about how they might see the world from the city street corners, the highway exit ramps, or the median strips in the middle of the road...I did some searching and found out that there's a brochure from the city called, "A Better Way to Help".  Some of the facts I found interesting were:

  •  "Statistics show that most panhandlers are not homeless and most homeless do not panhandle. For some, panhandling is a career... and a lucrative one.”     source: U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community  Oriented Policing Services" 

  • "Donate your money to organizations dedicated to helping the homeless and others in need."
  •  "Volunteer your time to organizations and service agencies providing aid."

Making a Living

I started my day at the corner of Case and Market again.  I've got my bucket, my sign, my long johns, my scruffy down jacket and some vittles for later.  I can make a living at this.  And my day begins...

I hold my sign as cars drive by and sometimes I hit the jackpot.  I usually strike it lucky at this stop because people are on their way into the city for various reasons.  A lot of workers and commuters drive this route as they bring loved ones to and from the hospital.  

It's on the red light that I make most of my living.  Every two and half minutes.  Sometimes I see the same people every day.  I watch them through the windshield and notice their habits...

I see them lean over as if to grab a little something...sometimes it's just what I want, a light of a smoke, or some cash.  One woman I see does the same thing every time I watch her.  She makes the sign of the cross and it's as if she's praying.  She never makes eye-contact with me...  I just want her to know that I'm doing this because it's what I chose.  Thanks for the prayer.  Maybe someday it will make a difference and I'll choose differently...

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Celebrating Mini-slices

Slice of Life Story Challenge
Slice 8 of 31

Thanks to Two Writing Teachers and Ruth Ayers for hosting 
these blog hops!

Today, Day 8 SOLSC, and Celebrate Saturday, I am celebrating mini-slices, all 6 of them...

1.  I made it through two days of flying solo as a parent.  My hubby had to travel for work so I had the kids to manage myself on Monday and Tuesday (and I still sliced!  Ya hoo!)  I got a heavy dose of having to handle the worries myself and I managed.  It wasn't perfect, but we made it.  Also, I have a great appreciation for single parents who do this every. single. day.  You are awesome!

2.  I wrote, sliced and commented 6 out of 7 days.  The day I missed, unfortunately, was a day I needed to be with my parents because of difficulties with my mom.  I was simply mentally out of gas after that day to pull off writing and commenting.

3.  My little girl officially became a "pre-schooler" as she moved from Toddler 2 to Pre-school 1 at daycare.  She's handled it beautifully and loves her new room.  Her favorite thing to do there every morning is to get a close-up of the fish tank and get a look at the turtle, crayfish and goldfish.  

4.  Kam has worked hard at school to bring his grades up.  He had 5 tests this week and got A's or B's on all of them.  So proud of him and the work he's put in to help his grades improve.

5.  Things at work settled a bit.  Teachers were in a frenzy about MAP testing and then yesterday, the decision to move the test to May seemed to calm everyone's nerves a little.  And two of the teachers and classes I work with were blogging this week.  So proud of them!

6.  My hubby and I met to celebrate his birthday for happy hour on Friday.  We enjoyed each other's company and the warmth and sun that came with a break in the weather.  I think Spring is just around the corner.  My car thermometer said "55" yesterday.

Happy Slicing Celebration Saturday!  I am thankful this week.  I feel blessed to have experienced a full and exciting week of learning and reflecting.

Friday, March 7, 2014


Slice of Life Story Challenge
Slice 7 of 31

Today was a sharing of those things you learned to do in Kindergarten.  I forgot my lunch today and being that it's Friday, I knew I'd need to make a meatless selection from the lovely little Italian grocery store nestled in the heart of North Hill.  i offered to grab something for my principal too as I left the building.  She definitely wanted something.  

I arrived at the lot and already could smell the delicious Italian spices and aromas filling the air as I made my way to the door.  Oh, it smelled so delicious as the swirl of wind raced past my nose when I walked through the doorway...

I walked to the number machine and carefully pulled the next number from the tape..."59".  As I waited in line, I couldn't decide what I wanted because all of the choices looked so good.  They had home-made pizza today along with meatball subs. Good thing I had time to decide on what I wanted before my number was called. 


Oh, the pressure was on..."Do you have the tuna noodle casserole that you guys make on Fridays during lent?"

"No, not today honey!"

 So, I purchased a slice of veggie pizza and made my way over to the cold sandwiches...egg salad...then I was checking out and I spied some home-made chocolate chip pecan cookies.  YUM!  I snatched them up and added them to my bill.  I grabbed my bag and headed back to the car and drove quickly back to school.

I dropped the lunch off to my principal and let her pick which food she wanted and she asked for the pizza.  When she asked how much she owed me, I just said, "It's all good...on me today!"

I took the rest of my food and ate.  I stored the leftover cookie in the little office I share with the school psychologist and went off to the classrooms.  When I came back at the end of the day, the psychologist noticed the cookie adding how delicious it looked.  I told her she could have it if she wanted it.   I shared. Funny part is, she would not let me just share the cookie...she wanted to even trade for something else.  So, I swapped the cookie for a diet coke.

Share and share alike...

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Coffee Love

Slice of Life Story Challenge
Slice 5 of 31

Coffee Love

Arriving from the retail outlet

opened with pleasure

taken out of the box

Finding a space to do the work

refreshed with tasty water

choosing a flavor

pumping it up

turning cold to boiling

bubbling into the k-cup

hot and steamy

dripping into the ceramic mug

the smell of caramel filling the air

wrapping cold hands around the warm cup

a chance to relax

warmth needed

pouring in the creamer

no sugar added

sweet as can be

just for one

coffee love...

by Keurig

Keurig® K65 Special Edition Brewing System

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Games We Play!

Slice of Life Story Challenge
Slice 4 of 31

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers
for hosting the month-long SOLSC  #sol14

Floating around our house are many, many board games.  We love to play the games with family and friends when there is time in our schedule to bust them out.  And now, Nattie is beginning to follow in our foot steps and has begun asking to play specific games with us.  Last week we played Trouble, Jenga and Sorry.

All of us were scratching our heads when she requested this latest game..."the shape game".  "What do you mean?  Can you tell us what it looks like?"

"You know.  It has all those shapes!"  she was getting frustrated, very frustrated.  And when three year olds get frustrated you know the tantrum is about to rear it's ugly head!

We finally reverted to the "show me what you mean" command and she lead us down to the basement cupboards where some of the games are stored.  The game she pointed to was...

Perfection!  OH!  THE SHAPE GAME!  Well if it wasn't already named Perfection, the name "Shape Game" would make perfect sense.

So, we carefully deployed it from the box...and sat together on the carpet playing.  I received this from Santa for Christmas when I was seven.  I still love playing this game!  No matter how many times I've played it, when the timer goes off, I still screech in angst and the shapes jumping out of the tray scares the be-jeepers out of me!

I really enjoyed the time playing the game with my little shape sorter buddy!  Thanks was a "perfect" time with you!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Don't Worry!

Slice of Life Story Challenge
Slice 3 of 31
 Two Writing Teachers Day 3

We decided to attend mass as a family (Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister), provoked by the three year old pleading, "I want to go, I want to go!"  What could be better than a little darling begging to go to church?  For some reason, we were meant to be there today!

We all got ready in time and braved the cold and snow.  We piled into the car and made our way down the road to hear the word of God.  We prayed and listened...and knew we were meant to hear the words The Father sent us.  All about not sum it up, if God brings you to it, he'll get you through it.  This applies in so many ways with the worries we've recently been focused on in our lives.  Our careers, our families, and the weather have all been draining sources of tension and worry lately.  But God tells us, he will provide. Don't waste another minute with worry.

And then, a post from a friend on Facebook popped up to really cement the theme of no worry...Phillipians 4 "Don't worry about anything:  instead, pray about everything; tell God your needs and don't forget to thank him for his answers.  If you do this, you will experience God's peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand."

So, no more worries slicing more worries.  Give it up to God.   Have faith that he will be there.  He will.

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the month long Slice of Life Story Challenge.  Hope you're joining in the fun!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Nat I Am and Green Eggs and Ham!

Slice of Life Story Challenge
Slice 2 of 31

A special thing just happened one day.

Oh why and how is it special  you say?

Because Nat I am pretend read Green Eggs and Ham!

In honor of Dr. Seuss's Birthday (which by the way is today),
I bought new copies of Green Eggs and Ham and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

We've read them here and read them there.

We've read them almost anywhere.

We've read in the house with a little toy mouse.

We've read in the car when traveling far.

We've tried it, tried it and we say...

Our little reader is on her way!

She picked up the book called Green Eggs and Ham and she took on the voice of Sam I Am!

Pretending to read the words in the book, memorizing the pages by how they look.

It was so sweet and innocent, so lovely to hear,

It made me grin from ear to ear!

In honor of authors like Theo and readers like Nat

I salute and celebrate the Cat in the Hat!

Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the 7th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge.

          In the words of Dr. Seuss, "Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.”

Saturday, March 1, 2014

One Day at a Time

Slice of Life Story Challenge
Slice 1 of 31

As life goes, there are always things to be thankful for and celebrate especially one day at a time!  For this Saturday, I am especially grateful...after a ten day hospital stay and a month of rehab at the nursing home, my mom got her wish and went home.  I am so glad she's home for so many reasons but most of all I think my dad needed her company.

When she entered the hospital back in January, the whole family was scared!  We all worried that the diverticulitis flare up would lead us down the road to surgery.  Thankfully, her condition was different this time around and the doctors treated her with IV antibiotics and the problem took care of itself.

There are still other problems looming as many people who worked with her noticed her memory issues. One of the doctors she worked with also diagnosed her with dementia.  In the near future, we are taking her to a geriatrician to get more specifics on what stage she's in and things we all need to do to help my dad as he deals with her needs on a regular basis...

So while I am happy that she's home, I worry about the journey ahead of us.  I don't know what the future holds, but I will try my best to enjoy all of her-

I hope to write every day for the Slice of Life Challenge.  Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers for hosting this challenge.  Hope you join in the learning and grow as a writer.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Over-filling, A Life Lesson

"Don't over-fill it!" my daughter stated boldly to my husband as he poured the milk onto her Coco Puffs.  I giggled to myself as I heard how emphatic she was about the expectation of just the right amount of milk in her bowl to wet her cereal.  She went on to explain that she didn't want the bowl to over flow...

I connected this to my OLW for 2014-LISTEN and thought deeply about what she verbalized...and then I applied her thinking as a life lesson that many of us (especially me lately) often experience.  We aren't able to monitor the flow appropriately and before we know it, we have a big mess on our hands!

My life advice-monitor the flow carefully and remember that it's ok to say when...

Monday, January 20, 2014

Through Her Eyes

Two Writing Teachers-Tuesday's Slice of Life
Thank you-and click here for more...

As I happily kissed good-bye to 2013 and rang in the New Year, I felt like I started the year off on the right foot...I worked hard over break to keep my #nerdlution of writing and accomplished much more:  daily reading, creating and reflecting until...

I saw the world through her eyes!  Poking, jabbing, bruising from needles to draw blood, and start IVs.  Being whisked away on the gurney to determine exactly what was going on inside of her gut.  Rushing doctors, tears, worries, fear of the unknown.  Would her fate be the same as it was the last time?  Would surgery be in her future?  What was the cause of this?  More talking and conversation from doctors and nurses...Would she be admitted?




The medical team moved her upstairs to the seventh.  A non-surgical floor-thank God!  We've dodged a major set-back.  The family all there (if they could be) to make sure there were no stones left un-turned, no question un-asked.  And then, good-bye for the night.  Confusion settled in, not sure where she was or why her family was no longer around, she wondered and wandered.  She had to be confined to her room, now assigned a sitter.  She watched in the window, saw the reflections and worried that the people were coming to get her.  Her daughter phoned, "Hi sweet momma!"  

"What's so sweet about it?"

"Just wanted to wish a good night, sleep tight!"

"Yah, right.  I got nothin' to say to you."

"Ok, mom, see you in the morning..." tears streaming, guilt setting in...texts and phone calls to update the family of her condition.

Hospital doctors and nurses assuring that confusion and unusual behaviors are normal for elderly patients who enter the hospital...she suffered from infection, and exhaustion...beeping alarms on the IV pump, pulling out her IV, resetting it on a different vein, more poking, bruising, testing...reflecting, sitting, laying, and crying. Family visits, phone calls updates and prayers of healing offered.



More waiting, crying, and poking, medication...there, in the large intestine, a diverticulum protrudes from the intestine wall behind the small intestine...forming an abscess about the size of a baseball...which shrunk with antibiotic treatment to the size of a golf ball.  Doctors hoping with continued treatment of antibiotics that it shrinks more and surgery to remove it will be unnecessary.  

Reintroduction of solid food, removal of the at last-no more beeping, nor wheeling that device around, freedom to walk about, bend, stretch...relax.



Going to a rehab center for a week or two...the transfer, new faces, warm places.  Visiting there, prayers still working...moving about, watching her diet, her meds, her feelings.  She's on the mend.  She's feeling stronger. every. day.

Continue to pray...


Whether you know or don't know, this is all about my mom and the last two weeks of my life.  It's been incredibly crazy and exhausting.  Everyone is doing better-mom included.  We continue to pray that she'll not need surgery and her condition with the abscess improves after the next CT Scan...

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.  We need them.  Amen.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Celebrating...prayers and friendship

My celebration will be brief...not even sure it's appropriate to celebrate...
My mom landed back in the hospital this week with another bout of Diverticulitis.  When I left the hospital today she seemed agitated but somewhat normal.  As the evening has worn on her condition has become more combative and she's started saying mean things about the family members who love her the most...

I'm grateful for extended family and friends who've offered prayers and support since she's entered the hospital...prayers are needed for my whole family...thank you and sorry this is not a time of celebrating.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Stink Eye from the Stink Bug

Thanks to the TWT Blog for hosting Tuesday's Slice of Life

Yesterday was loaded with creativity!  I was doing the usual twitter troll (something fun I love doing on my days off-with yesterday being a snow day).  And I saw this tweet posted by Kevin or @dogtrax as most know...

His tweet inspired me to go to the "Daily Create" and write a post about our encounter with the stink bug that started buzzing around the room from the time Nattie woke up!  Here's my post-a dialogue about a task you've neglected.  I sort of went in a different direction and didn't write exactly to the prompt but here is the result:

The Stink-eye from the Stink Bug

The Stink-eye from the Stink Bug
As Nattie and I woke early this morning, 4:14a.m. to be exact, we heard you buzzin’ ’round, Stink Bug! You have delayed your demise long enough…

Please move to a lower altitude so that you may be captured and released into the frozen tundra!
5:26a.m. And you’re still cruising above catching altitude! Come down immediately! If you don’t come down, I’ll be forced to get the fly-swatter and your foul stench will haunt for hours! Maintaining a holding pattern, are we?
6:02a.m. Ahh, plate and cup in hand, you’ve moved to a capture altitude now and I’ll be setting you free into the elements!
Oh, no, the screen door is frozen shut-when plan A fails, plan B begins!
Your demise will come with the watery swirl!
Stop giving me the “stink-eye” Stink Bug!
So my slice would have been just a simple recounting of the capture and flush of the stink bug but I turned it into little story.  The funny part about just a little old bug buzzing around turning into this...and then I shared it on face book and a friend shared her son's story about a stink bug at their house.  Another friend shared about stink bugs congregating under her daughter's bedroom mattress.  So it turned into a stink bug story set.  For more on stink bugs, here's a video about them.

Do you have any stink bug stories?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Spreading Sunshine

Thanks to Terje, at Just for a Month for Spreading Sunshine as she nominated me to part-take in the Chain Blogging Challenge that's "spreading like stomach flu" as Leigh Anne shared on her post! ;)
I have decide to answer the call to share these questions and my response.  Here are the answers to the questions Terje asked.

My response!  Thanks again Terje for the honor!
1.  One thing you wish adults would have told you about growing up?
I wish adults (especially the school counselors) would have been more helpful in leading my parents to help me get scholarships and put me in advanced placement classes.  I think I was over-looked because my parents were considered "blue-collar" workers.  I wonder if some teachers did not see me as a successful college student because of this.
2. If you could travel in time, would you go to the past or the future? Why?
I would like to go to the past because I have always wondered what my grandparents were like when they were young.  It would be awesome to meet them (my mom's parents passed before I was born). 

4. How would you describe yourself as a child?
Most people would say I was always happy!  I loved being the peace-maker of the house.  I loved playing with my dolls, dollhouse, my Holly Hobbie Colorforms, my crayons and paper along with my brothers' hot wheels cars and Legos.  
5. What is your happiest childhood memory?
I would say one of my happiest childhood memories is thinking about all the backyard bonfires we used to have when I was growing up.  All the kids used to come to our house while the adults were out at the firepit, the kids played inside either cards or board games.  Sometimes we were allowed to played hide and go seek or kick the can at night.
6. How have you surprised yourself?
I have surprised myself by achieving happiness in my home with my sweet husband and children and being able to maintain a successful career at the same time.

7. What are you avoiding?
I avoid doing paperwork!  I hate paperwork!  It is the least fun part of what I do.  I tend to let it pile up until I get the itch to organize it.
8. What are the advantages of getting older?
I think you get wiser to what motivates others and you learn from your experiences about the best ways to approach things.

9. What is one habit you would like to learn this year?
I would like to learn to use apps more succinctly on the iPad such as Evernote.
10. What inspirational things did you read, see or hear last week?
I read so many inspiring blog posts but the most influential would be watching Chris Lehman's talk at University of Wisconsin, Madison. 
11.  How much is your life like to what you dreamed it would be?
My life is filled with so many blessings.  It's much like what I had hoped for at this point.  While I still hope to live many more years, I am over-joyed to be where I am in the world.