Sunday, May 22, 2016

Celebrating at Life's End

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for Hosting the Weekly #CelebrateLu!

Yesterday, I attended a beautiful celebration of the life of the wonderful lady pictured:  Carolyn Becknell.  I have the privilege of working with 3 of her daughters (2 of them directly).  Her four daughters are dedicated and strong women who reaped the benefits of many gifts from their mom.  Yesterday's celebration perfectly demonstrated how she modeled unyielding strength and dignity all the way up to the end of her life.

Each of her daughters got up and eulogized their mom in their own special way.  It started with Sherry-the daughter Hal and Carolyn adopted.  She honored her mom by reading the letter her mom wrote on the day she was adopted.  It was so special to hear the details of how Sherry came to be the daughter Carolyn and Hal had hoped for after they were first married.

Then, Saundra spoke and thanked her mom for all of the wonderful things she'd done and taught her.  Her talent was shared in her written words.  Sauni's message was sweetly delivered just matching her personality.  As I listened to her, I prayed that she could make it through.  She did it!   Anyone listening would quickly know that "Sauni Kay" loved her mom dearly.

Next, Heather, the music teacher of the family, shared her talent and love for her mom through a song she'd written.  She played the piano as she sang.  She openly shared that she'd just written the chords to go with the song at 4 am the night or morning before the celebration.  The song was beautiful and moving.

Finally, Christy shared her talent for humor yet deep thinking as she shared her "Top 10" List.  The list was sprinkled with humor (apparent in Christy's witty personality) and serious times too ending with her #1 time with Carolyn.  She shared how Carolyn comforted her daughter even though it was she who was nearing the end of life.

Our little family attended the celebration together.  It was raining and my daughter noted that it was probably raining tears because everyone was sad that Carolyn passed.  Natalie shared how she was glad Carolyn's body was still here but that her soul was now in Heaven.  I told her that I knew Carolyn was in Heaven as an angel and her spirit was learning to fly especially with the beautiful music that her children were making.

Carolyn will live on in the beauty and love of all of her daughters and their children.  Her life here making an impact on those who knew her and even those who didn't.  It was quite a celebration of her life's end.


  1. Thank you for sharing this special time of celebration for your friend, Amy. It sounds like it was a sweet time saying goodbye.

  2. Oh our dear friend Amy.... I didn't think there was one tear more after yesterday but you helped me find a few more. Thank you for this sweet reflection of the day. You are a gifted writer. Thanks for sharing the day with us.

  3. Sad and beautiful. The way you explained to your daughter about the spirit learning to fly was touching.

  4. This ceremony of love must have so special, Amy. Little Nat made an appropriate and poetic type of comment: the raining of tears due to sadness. Thank you for sharing,


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