Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Journey's End, A Caravan's Beginning

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Reaching a point in our lives where "A Journey" felt like it was nearing its end, we decided to go car shopping.

We started checking out new cars.  At first, we ad shopped, window shopped and web shopped.  We checked out colors, models and styles.  We looked some more...

Our next step was to test drive.  We found a model we liked but weren't 100% sure.  The style and model were ok but we weren't sold on the color.  We decided to web shop for the exact color we wanted as a salesman suggested it wasn't very popular and we'd have a hard time finding it in stock.  That color was true blue pearl.  We used the web to narrow our search-it was an amazing tool in locating model, style and color within our area.

On Monday we piled into the car as a family and went for it!  This was the Caravan's  beginning.   We traded our Journey, did a test drive and sat down with the salesman to write up the deal.  A little negotiating ensued, all user-friendly! By 8:30, we had a deal and a new car!  Woo-hoo!  At deal's signing, the whole family rang the brass bell brought out by the salesman and the whole place cheered!  So exciting for our children to be a part of the experience!

Our new car-after signing the deal Monday night 5-23-16

Today, we dropped off the old car and picked up the new one.  Here's to celebrating new beginnings!  A big shout out to Mark D. at the Progressive Dealer in Massillon!


  1. True blue pearl - what a great name for a color. The journey starts. I hope you enjoy every mile that you ride in your new car, Amy. I see 5 happy faces in the photo. Good luck!

  2. It is amazing how much buying a car (and everything else in life too!) has changed due to technology. What a fun time - I miss my minivan days!

  3. Amy I loved your word play here. Just the names of the family vehicles suggest so many stories! The past "journeys" and now as a "caravan" you continue your travels as a family. Though being minivan illiterate I had to google the names to make sure that was indeed what you were saying! :) Glad it was such a positive experience for the family!

  4. Congratulations on your new car! May it take your family on many exciting adventures!

  5. What a fun post. I am so impressed that you made car buying a learning adventure. Usually it is a chore.

  6. Such fun in this journey! Here's to many happy memories in your new van.


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