Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Stop Thief!

Slice of Life Tuesday @Two Writing Teachers
It keeps happening!  The Thief returns again and again,
every time taking a little more, 
a little more, 
a little more...

At first, a tiny bit gone missing noticed by few, 
questioned by some, 
uncertain for one...

More stealing happening over the years, 
the memories of us and things shared beginning to disappear...

I hate the thief!  
Wondering why we're all the target?

So much pain and sadness...
especially for one who knows every day and one who doesn't.

The dementia is taking its toll on my's wearing thin on my dad.  
She always seems to know 
but not dad.  

Dad, the strong man
But growing weary
the mood swings...the anger, 
the words that won't come for her
They are gone...the physical motions take their place
Disrupting the flow-
Of Peace and Tranquillity 
Happiness gone missing...

The latest triggers-lawn mowing, food, junk mail, and the checkbook...
She doesn't mean it.  
It's not her.  
It's. NOT. HER.

I pray for patience for the whole family.  Wishing Dementia,
the thief,
would stop the taking and pain-bringing.


  1. You know it's really good writing when the entire time you think the of a piece topic is one thing, and in the end learn that the point was something completely different. These are tough times for you and for your family, but I am of the opinion that the nest writing is backed by strong emotions. That is what your piece is today. And that is something for which you can feel proud. Strong writing and a release of energy that is weighing heavily on you. A win-win day.
    Love your mother for who she is today. It is. NOT. HER.
    May you be filled with lovingkindness. maribethbatcho

  2. "Happiness gone missing...." I'm so sorry...what a challenging time for all of you. I wish you peace.

  3. Oh, Amy...such a difficult time. I wish you patience, comfort, and peace.

  4. So challenging. Sending you even more patience.

  5. This is so tough for all of you. I am sorry. Your writing about it is so honest and true.

  6. Amy I'm so very sorry you and your family have to go through this. It is scary for your mom and all the rest of the family. My dear friend is going through the same thing with his mom so I really understand. Stay strong.

  7. So well said in your poem - So sorry for you and your family. These are hard years as our families age and change with time. Hang in there and thinking of you.

  8. Amy, life has its way of off-setting our balance. I understand what you are going through. The thief takes its toll on families.

  9. I can't even imagine how hard this must be on all of you. You are in my prayers!


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