Saturday, April 9, 2016

Look for the Glow

I celebrate wallowing in wonder day 9.  I celebrate 39 days of writing and posting.  I celebrate supporting thoughts from bloggers, writers, tweeters, authors and friends.  I look for the glow...inspired by Wonder #1665 Sun Dogs-the glow around the sun...

Look for the Glow

When I think,
When I see,
When I look, 

Snow for the moisture of the Earth
Rest for the growth coming to birth

Slow for the spring in Spring's pace
Holding up on the flower's speed race

Noticing the slowing
But everything's still growing

When I look-
When I see
When I think...

Yes, the glow!  In the slow...
due to April snow in O-hi-o!

Thank you to Ruth for hosting the #celebratelu this week.  Also, thanks to Amy Ludwig VanDerwater for creating the #walllowinwonder for #nationalpoetrymonth.  It's been fun playing and learning.


  1. Nature is full of wonder and full of inspiration. I have enjoyed reading the poems inspired by Wonderopolis. But you can just keep that snow in O-hi-o!

  2. We got a little of that April snow snow here in Indianapolis, too. Several little icy-rainy outbursts yesterday, a few flakes this morning, but right now blue sky and bright sun is visible.

  3. The joy of writing poetry is obvious in the words of the poem. The winter clearly has not looked in the calendar, it is April, enough is enough, no more snow.


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