Friday, April 8, 2016

Beginning a Journey

Happy Wallow in Wonder Day 8!  Happy Poetry Friday!  Happy National Poetry Month!
So much to celebrate so much to realize.  The Wonder to Wallow about was #1664 Why Can't You Drive as Fast as You Want?  I have been thinking for almost 24 hours about this...

I was thinking of speed in the figurative way and connecting it with journeys.  I was also fortunate enough to attend the Virginia Hamilton Conference at Kent State University today.  One of the speakers I met was Illustrator, Christian Robinson.  His keynote address struck me as he shared about the journey of his life as an illustrator...

All of this wallowing in wonder lead me to...Beginning a Journey!

Beginning a journey-
you are here
Start...who helps you get up to speed?
What influences around you keep you on the right track?
Control the world through your passions
Education helps as you drive along the path
You learn confidence, command and control
Sometimes you have to follow the speed limit
Going too fast or too slow creates problems
Seek Inspiration from your surroundings
As things get busy maybe it's better to slow
As things get slow maybe it's better to move fast
Study how others do their driving, learning from their techniques
Experiment with your comfort zone
Explore driving down a different road!
And now you are here!  STOP!
Where will you go next, fast or slow?
A new journey begins...
Reflect on your previous journey...
What will you take along to make this journey better?

Thank you to all the poets who've shared ideas and inspiration with me over the past week.  I am on 39 days of writing and posting...woo-hoo!  Thank you to Laura Purdie Salas for hosting poetry Friday this week.

My journey has begun...more on this later...


  1. How fun that you are Wallowing in Wonder, Amy! I like all the ways you worked driving terms into your poem, and these two lines really spoke to me about how we have to constant make adjustments in life, just as in driving:>)

    As things get busy maybe it's better to slow
    As things get slow maybe it's better to move fast

  2. Sounds like you've had a reflective day, not just in poem-making, but also in life-thinking. Enjoy your travels, wherever you go.


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