Sunday, April 10, 2016

Going to the Moon

Wallowing in Wonder Day 10

After, reading the Wonder of the Day, How Much Do You Weigh on the Moon?, I was inspired by a part in the last paragraph of the wonder that said, "Write a short story about what you would do on the Moon if you had the chance to go there in person. Share your story with a friend or family member."
So I thought about what it would be like to go to the moon with is the poem about The Wonder.

Going to the Moon

Going to the Moon-
You and I together!

Hanging out having fun...
No worries about weather!

We would have to think...
about how much we'd weigh!

We'd wear special boots
so we wouldn't float away...

We could run, jump and skip!
Feeling oh-so free

Playing there on the moon...
with 1/6 the pull of gravity

I'm sure we would look-
out into the vastness of space!

Yet, know that on the moon
we'd create our own little place.

A private space trip for just you and me,
Can you imagine how special it would be?

Mother and daughter together on the moon-
Do you think we could start to plan our trip soon?

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