Thursday, April 7, 2016

Costumed Invader

After reading about the Wonder of the Day #1663 How Sweet is Honeysuckle? I thought about the nature of the plant and how it's really a predator in disguise as it's invasive and takes over gardens.  I decided to make the honeysuckle sweetness in disguise.

April showers falling, dropping on fertile ground
Helping paint nature's scene, turning from drab to bright
Spring flowers showing their blooms
Their premiere act of color and scent combined

Floating in on a breezy boat
Waiting for the first cruisers to board
Birds and bees with senses awakened
Called by nature's newness on the honeysuckle vine
Gardeners made aware, taking special care
Removing the sweetly disguised invader...


  1. Invasive species confuse me sometimes. I know they are bad, but it is not their fault! We are trying to eradicate the Japanese knotweed near our home... Sigh..."sweetly disguised invader" indeed!

    1. We have a trumpet vine that will not go away...I was thinking about its habits when I thought about the honeysuckle too.


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