Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tooth Notes

Slice 19 & Celebrate

During the month of February, Nat studied and learned about Dental Health.  She created a giant toothbrush and has been extremely conscientious about brushing ever since.  Thursday night she chomped away at her Granny Smith apple and yelped "Ouch!"  Her third tooth to lose had suddenly become painful, wiggly and annoying to her.

We told her not to worry, that it would soon be falling out.  Half crying, half excited, she kept talking about it as she fell asleep on Thursday night.  

On Friday morning, the wiggly tooth hurt so much that she didn't want to eat breakfast.  I convinced her to eat a soft piece of toast.  She ended up only eating half.  I dropped her off at pre-k knowing that she'd probably lose the tooth at some point during the day. 

When I arrived home from work, she was already home and proudly announced, "Mom, Mom, I lost my tooth!"

"Oh, wow!  That is great news!  What happened?"  I had read on the envelope that the tooth came out in her pizza.  So funny to me because Kam had lost a tooth in a piece of pizza and swallowed it.  She told me what happened and was so excited about the Tooth Fairy visiting.

So we put the tooth under her pillow and hoped the Tooth Fairy would Know to stop by.   She did and left a note.  Natalie smiled as she opened it, excited for her dollar.  And then wanted to write a note back!  We did!  Celebrating notes, Tooth Notes!


  1. Wow! Love this, the tooth fairy never left notes in our house. And she wanted to write back! Fabulous celebration.

  2. Tooth Fairy is still alive and well and moving into our world in more engaged way... I love the revision!!!!

  3. Cute slice. All kids need to experience the tooth fairy!

  4. Tooth Fairy's visit makes up for all the uncomfortable feelings of a wiggly tooth. Tooth Fairy should also get a literacy encouragement award. Happy 400th post!

  5. When I taught first grade, I had more than one student swallow a loose tooth. That's the most upsetting thing! Glad this all went well for Nat, & she received a note too!

  6. AI still have a few teeth from my 30+ yr old kids - found them in a special box. Such a sweet slice.


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