Friday, March 18, 2016

Schwarma & Life

Slice 18

for hosting the 9th Annual SOLSC

Every Thursday is schwarma day at Sanabel.  Our little trio sometimes gets together and heads overthere for lunch!  (The warmed pita, meat, pickle, tomato and tatziki sauce are devine)!  Sometimes we're a duo or even a quad...but today it was  Lunch. By. Myself.  I don't like being alone but sometimes it's needed and necessary-just wanting to checkout for a few short minutes.

The owner has come to know our little group and our habits.  She's so sweet and we've developed a friendship with her.  When we aren't with each other, she asks, "vere are your friends? Or vere's the other today?"  We always share our busy-ness updates with her.  

Today was no exception to our lunch connection.  She asked, "vat are you having today? Vere are youra friends?"  I explained that today we were all doing our own things, going in different directions.  Then she wanted to know if I was eating there or taking it on the road.  I told her life is too short, so I decided to sit there and rest a bit enjoying the pita treat while it was still warm...

She almost broke into tears as her eyes welled up-"I know vat you mean about life being too short.  I jus found out my very best friend has cancer...She's so healthy -she vatched vat she ate, all that organic, very picky, one in her family had--only her."  I could tell she was choking back the tears now...and then the doorbell jingled-a break in the emotional wave that was about to crash.  Grateful for the distraction, she smiled through those big sad eyes and uttered, "Enjoy your lunch."

I smiled back, saying, "thinking of you...and your friend...". I ate.  Lunch.  by myself.  Reflecting on the brevity that is chosen for some...why?


  1. The mysteries that none of us can fathom ... I could sense the sadness in her story of her friend, and in your repose, too.

  2. So fortunate for her to have that conversation with you. She has made a connection with you that you both will remember.

  3. Those daily, spontaneous conversations can be so important.


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