Sunday, March 20, 2016

Restaurant Language

slice 20

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers 

Celebrating Birthdays is so much fun!  Yesterday's celebration was no exception!  Our niece's birthday was last week and she decided to choose Wasabi (a Japanese Steakhouse) for dinner!  We'd never been there before and neither had our kiddos!

Entering the dimly lit waiting area...
Seeing Nona, Poppa, Auntie, Uncle and cousins...
Koi mysteriously swimming under feet, walking over their pond with the bubbling water fountain!
Glass doors so clear you don't know they exist...oops!
Walking gingerly down the path, hearing gongs, seeing sparklers, watching flames!!
Sitting around the grill...
Looking at the menu...
Taking in all the sights...
Orders taken.
Salad...trip to the restroom, more gongs, birthday singing, flames leap up from another hibachi!
Chef arrives-
Reviewing the orders with all 10!
Asking for details on the cooking-
Volcanic onion...
Flipping broccoli pieces!

Asking Nat, "you give a try, have some?"
She politely says, "I don't speak Spanish."
Giggling at her response...and the chef says, "neither do I!"

Laughing, smiling, high spirits!
Watching the tricks and cooking performed-entertaining!
Trying chopsticks
Eating new foods...
Getting gong-ed with birthday singing!
Walking back out to see the koi pond...
Leaving with a slice of Wasabi...


  1. What a coincidence! I was enjoying hibachi last night with my family before two of my kids head back to school. I was considering slicing about it--still not sure, but I enjoyed reading yours. It's quite a sensory experience isn't it! I love the snapshot of dialogue--"I don't speak Spanish." So polite, so sweet. Your post captures the family-filled fun of it all.

  2. That sounds like so much fun! What a great way to experience something new and enjoy being together. I love your description and the best - "I don't speak Spanish...Neither do I!" that gave me such a chuckle!

  3. My birthday was spent at a Hibachi place as well. I loved the details that connected with me :D

  4. Eating around a grill is an experience. It's really a work of art the way the chefs cook! I love your daughters, polite response to the chef . . .my morning chuckle!

  5. Yesss! Hibachi is the BEST! Thanks for making me hungry... :)

  6. Love this poem! So many great sensory details!

  7. I felt like I was right there, enjoying the birthday celebration! I loved how the title worked its way into the poem!!!


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