Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Making Salsa in Kam's Kitchen

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Kam took over the kitchen yesterday doning the executive chef apron and hat.  I took on the role of Sous-chef (defined courtesy of   Kam's assignment from his Spanish teacher was to prepare an ethnic food to share with his classmates sometime during the third quarter (there were 5 days left).

At first, Kam wanted to make Spanish rice.  Unfortunately, there would be no way to keep it warm.  Then he decided to go for guacamole!  Holy guacamole-there were no ripe avocados in the grocery store.  Finally we decided to make fresh salsa.

After we purchased the items on the grocery list, we headed home and readied the kitchen for our work...
-big bowl
-serving spoon
-measuring spoons and cups
-ingredients  (tomatoes, onion, green peppers, lime juice, kosher salt and pepper)
-mini food processor

First, we opened all the cans of tomatoes-petite diced. Then we added the peppers, onions and lime juice.  And finally the salt and pepper were the finishing touch!  We left out cilantro and cumin as we worried that these add too much spice.  We then used the food processor to blend it all up!  Kam's Kitchen smelled delish.

In the end, I could have eaten the whole bowl of salsa! Kam felt so proud of his creation.  I'm never buying jar salsa again-fresh only!  Here's the recipe we found in case you want to try it.  You'll love it!

When we finished the processing, I giggled to myself about being in Kam's Kitchen.  It was slopped up pretty good with tomato, juice, and general mess.  Our head chef washed up and dried the dishes too when we finished so he'd get the full meal deal!  Overall, I think he learned that the effort is worth it when the product is a hit.  I just hope next time he doesn't wait until the 11th hour to get started!


  1. Good morning, Amy. Your post is a delicious one today. I love making salsa. Fun times in Kam's kitchen!

  2. I am inspired to try making salsa after reading your post! I'm sure the classmates will really enjoy the salsa today!

  3. Spending time in the kitchen together is a great way to create family memories and build traditions. Glad the salsa was a success!

  4. There is nothing like fresh salsa! I'm sure his dish will be a huge success at school! A dear friend gave me her recipe and overtime she comes out to visit she makes a big bowl for us! I like a little hot pepper in it . . .

  5. This is a fun idea. I haven't done a recipe on my blog for awhile. Thanks for sharing too.


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