Monday, March 7, 2016

At the Car Wash

Slice 7

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers
for hosting the 9th Annual SOLSC

Today's slice is brought to you courtesy of "Auto-spa Laser Wash"!  On our way home from Kevin's birthday dinner at Macaroni Grill, he shared with all of us that he needed to stop off and get the car washed.  We all agreed to spending a few more minutes together, and pulled into the car wash.

With so many choices to consider, Kevin chose the $10 soap, wash, spray, rinse and dry.  He pulled in as directed by the car wash Voicebot.  Suddenly, he had pulled up too far!  Voicebot immediately redirected him loudly stating, "BACK UP, BACK UP! BACK UP!"  And large red X's lit up inside the wash.  We were all cracking up at her order and began repeating it in Voicebot's voice!  Nattie ordered, "You're mocking her!!  Stop it!  Stop mocking her!"

By this time, the laughter died down a bit and Kevin was back to the point where he needed to be. Then the initial spray mist came on.  It circled around the car and then the wash started.  We all giggled seeing the bubble spray coat the windows and then slowly drizzle down like glaze icing on a warm bundt cake.  The final rinse came on and we clearly looked through the glass once more.  Finally the blow dryer came on and chased all the water away...

As I reflected on the moments in the wash, I thought about how we all need reminders to back up when we've gone too far...Voicebot's voice message will stick with me for a long time to come!


  1. I'm still trying to get over the name of the car wash..."Auto-Spa Laser Wash." Is it me or has the world gone mad! Sounds like you had fun...zany moments!

  2. I love how you've made a small moment feel extraordinary in the fun your family had together. This was a fun piece to read!

  3. What a fun moment to capture in a slice! I can just hear you all giggling and exclaiming "Back up! Back up! Back up!" These are the sweet memories that make a family.

  4. I like the layers of meaning of "gone too far" - both with the car and in mocking (at least in the eyes of Nattie!) Laughing is what keeps you all together. I remember how my kids LOVED the car wash when they were little. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh!


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