Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Monkeying Around

Slice 9

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers 
for hosting the 9th Annual SOLSC

Missing Monkey
I was all prepared to cut a new slice about ice cream but had to postpone it-derailed by throwing a monkey wrench into the works!

Today's slice is about appealing for help!  Monkey is going bananas to be back in the loving arms of his owner!  He was abandoned momentarily and accidentally while on a night walk through the suburban jungle this evening!

We brought him inside to comfort his needs.  He's been monkeying around ever since!  While we know in our hearts it's possible that monkeys fall from trees, it's highly unlikely that this lil guy did.  If you or anyone you know can identify this monkey's rightful owner, please contact me and we will return him immediately!  

Thank you for reading about our monkey business!


  1. If you shared some Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey with your friend he might tell you where he lives. I'm guessing he swung into your life for a reason.

  2. I am not the owner of the monkey but I hope you gave it some ice cream ....

  3. I hope the Monkey finds a way home.

  4. Your slice today is just too cute Amy! Sounds like he may just want to stay with you all!


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