Saturday, March 5, 2016

Finding All the Studs in Legotown

Slice 5

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers
for hosting the 9th Annual SOLSC

Lego Star Wars rules around our house lately...we have the Wii version.  We've been playing (Kam, Nat and me) since our day off in February.  Each time we become a true Jedi, meaning we collected all the studs within a level, we earn a gold brick.  We collected many gold bricks and were filled with excitement when we collected all the studs in Lego City.

Then, today, we finally earned enough Lego studs to unlock "Newtown".  The goal is to collect all of the studs-- 1,000,000 to beat the level.  Even though we just unlocked it today, we've all been playing it non-stop today to try and beat it.  

We are still working at it to figure out all the ways to collect the studs.  The goal for our lazy Saturday is "finding all the studs in Newtown".    Our Lego adventures are full of never ending fun!  It's been a great way to spend our Saturday morning.


  1. I have to admit your title drew me in! I love the gaming in jammies and slippers. Great way to have some family time.

  2. Sounds like great family fun. Lazy Saturdays are the best!


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