Friday, March 4, 2016

Checking In, Checking Out

Slice 4
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I enjoyed a lazy pace to the start of the day since it was an official "day off".  I still had to drop Kam at school and Nattie to pre-school.  I spent the biggest part of my  day off in my mom's company.  

Happily, we checked her in at the hair salon for her appointment.  She experienced the "full service" treatment today-shampoo, cut, perm and then curl and set.  Such fun!

After she "checked-in", I "checked-out".  I read some fashion magazines, the newspaper and then a travel magazine.  I found a giant book of names, and then birthdates.  The buzz of the shop was like a beehive in early summer.  So much action going on, yet, calming.  I started feeling a little sleepy in the comfort of it all and curled up on the comfy waiting chair for a little snooze.

When I woke up from my little cat nap, I smiled at my mom who was ready to sit under the dryer.  I was a little chilled so I asked to sit next to her and we both warmed in each other's company and flipped through some gossip mags.  

Finally, she was all set and ready to go-looking smiley and cute as could be.  We left the salon and headed for lunch.  We decided to eat at Rockne's-opting for the yummy tomato bisque soup and grilled cheese.  The lunch tasted so delicious.  We wondered where it went...I took her back home and dropped her off after we picked up Nat from pre-school.  My dad smiled as he saw her walk in the house saying, "You brought my Mary back!"

It's been a great day of checking-in, and checking-out...

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  1. Aww sounds like a fun day! I love your dad's comment . . . it just warmed my heart!


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