Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Long Ago

Slice 27

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers 
Happy Easter!  My slice today is a memory of long ago.  It's my immediately family from April 1971.  I was a little over one year old.  My mom was pregnant with my younger brother.  We celebrated Easter at my grandparents' house in Barberton.

I was too young to remember this celebration but I'm sure it was filled with delicious food, strong drinks and lots of laughs.  Every year at Easter, Grandma decorated the tree with eggs.  Since I was old enough to remember, we had egg hunts under the big oaks in the side yard and garden.

While there is joy in this memory there's sadness too as my grandfather, aunt and grandmother have all passed away.  Grandpa was a butcher.  After he retired, he loved his recliner, smoking Lucky Strikes and Rolling Rock beer.  Grandma was a nurse and a wonderful cook.  She loved being in the kitchen and winning people over with her delicious desserts.  She was always taking care of everybody else.  Aunt Paullie was an executive secretary for Lawson's.  She enjoyed golfing, playing jokes on people and always tried to make everyone happy.  She passed without ever marrying or having children.  I miss all of them and their qwerky ways.  There was never a dull moment at 289 East Paige.

Another point in this memory is thinking about all the fun we had in the big ole yard!  The seasons of grandma's yard provided lots of fun things to do...gardening, raking, shoveling and mowing. I could go on forever about some silly stories happening there (another day perhaps).  It's heartbreaking to think that Gram's yard was sold off as three different plots of land with two new houses built on the empty lots now.

Fond memories brought on by an Easter picture from long ago.

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  1. So glad you have these wonderful memories to cherish! It is always fun to look pictures from the past. Happy Spring!


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