Monday, March 28, 2016

A Trip to the Duck Pond

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With the weather being so gorgeous yesterday, our family spent the majority of the day (after attending Easter Mass) outside playing.  We cleaned the swing set, played basketball, blew bubbles and went on egg hunts.  One of our favorite parts was the trike trip to the duck pond.

Nat and I made the 1/8 mile track up to the duck pond on the end of Ashmun.  The trek up is hard work.  Nat pedaled and pedaled up the road stopping only for cars.  Those little legs were going a mile a minute!  I explained to her that the hard part was going up the hill.  And coming back would be much easier.

We chortled and chattered the whole way.  We gave special attention to the stop sign at the main crossroads.  

"Now this is where we stop!  Look both ways and make sure no cars are coming!"

"All clear boss!"  

We gave hearty hellos to neighbors outside and kids on scooters.  Nattie explained, "we're going to the duck pond!"

"Enjoy your trip!" The neighbor called.

Nat and I finally arrived only to find no ducks and two Canada geese.  The gentle breeze blew gingerly across the little pond rippling the waves ever so slightly.  We enjoyed the serenity of the scene, taking in nature's beauty.

The ride back down the slight hill made the trek much easier for those little legs. A fast-moving car approached, "Sorry we're pausing in your driveway."  Nat explained to another neighbor.

"Oh, that's ok, no worries!" the neighbor shared.

The little engine restarted.  She paused at the stop sign to look both ways and then got going again.  She pedaled on and then began to coast speedily-forcing me to walk-run near the end.  A fun-filled, energetic trip to the duck pond -minus the ducks!

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  1. A little 'traffic' lesson, and a wonderful time going I think. Too bad about the ducks. Love this Amy: "We chortled and chattered the whole way." Glad you had a great day!


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