Saturday, March 26, 2016

Light It Up!

Slice 26 & Celebrate

As of yesterday, my spring break officially started and the thing that sometimes happens when a break begins is you catch a case of...

Ruth Ayers Writes-Celebrating This Week

the cleaning bug!  The itch for deep cleansing, so deep that every nook and cranny is touched.  The bug just took over.  I caught it so bad that I purged two bookshelves, and moved one!  I windexed finger prints from windows and glass doors.  I even took the leap and went for washing globes on the chandeliers.  Goodbye old bugs-why do they like light anyway?  One chandelier globe gave me a problem...uh-oh!  It required a trip to Lowes (wasted two hours) to fix the problem when cleaning was supposed to be a reward.

Finally, after not finding a replacement model and sticking with the old, we fixed it.  I drew some parallels in the slice and celebration.  When it seemed easier to abandon and go for new, the new just didn't work, didn't make sense.  And we achieved our goal by sticking to it and working through the hard stuff...when the going got tough, Kevin and I worked TOGETHER.  

[trumpets blast]

Let there be light.  Light on the cleaning bug, light on the struggle to make things function and light in celebrating teamwork.


  1. Got time to come here?

  2. I've always prided myself on my immune system (like it's something I have any control over!) but now I'm wondering if it's too powerful--your bug is one I'd like to catch but seldom do. Enjoy that sparkling house full of light and a bit of free time!

  3. I wonder when there seems to be a lot of time, I want to move furniture, maybe just to have a new "look". Love that you started in, found a glitch, and ended fixing it on your own. Nice teamwork! Have a lovely rest of the weekend, Amy.

  4. Make sure you catch the "fun" bug now Amy! Enough cleaning for one spring break ;-) Although, I do love it when the house is clean and fresh!

  5. I hope you go everything clean enough and you get to get out and have some fun too (though I find the results of cleaning super fun).

  6. Good for you! I ignored the bug and left the mess. Unfortunately, the cleaning fairy did not visit while we were gone. :) Have a wonderful spring break and Happy Easter!

  7. I got the bug too, Amy. Spring does that to us but the fresh smell of clean is so refreshing. When the going get tough the togetherness is a blessing!


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