Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Meet Our New Family Member

Slice 29

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers 

The Bear Promise
My Bear is Special
I brought it to Life.
I chose it.
I stuffed it.
Now I am taking it home.
Best friends are forever
So I promise right now
To make my bear my #1 Pal!

As our Spring Break began, we scheduled little mini trips and things to do since we're staying home this year.  Our day out yesterday was a trek to the mall.  Of course, Nat's favorite place is Build a Bear so we stopped in to make a new friend.  

Since I pay more attention to writing and poems now, I noted the promise poem on the wall which I shared above.  I wonder how many parents read it to their children (although I did see some adults making stuffies!) when they go to the BAB store.

Since we were going to pick out a bear, I noted the steps in its creation:
Step 1:  pick out the stuffy you like (they were having a special on Star Wars items).

Step 2:  With the help of the kind stuffing specialist, bring your new friend to life-add the stuff and fluff-add more if you like a muscular friend.  Stepping on the pedal, bringing the machine to life.  

Step 3:  Add a sound-we decided not to this time.  We wanted Han to make his own sounds.

Step 4:  Add a heart-rub it between your hands, give it a kiss, hold it to your cheek so it has lots of smiles, rub it on your tummy so it never goes hungry and rub it on your funny bone so it gives lots of laughs!  Pop it into the belly of your bear.  Add the identification strip from the tag of your bear so it could be scanned and connected back to you if it ever got lost.  Then, sew it up.

Step 5:  Take the bear to the wash station and give it a fluffing bath.

Step 6:  Pick out its new outfit.  Of course Han Solo has to have a "Han Solo" outfit and boots.  We decided not to get the blaster...

Step 7:  Create the birth certificate-it is the birth of a toy after all.  Using the computer, we scanned his tag, added the details and clicked enter.  Our new baby bear was ready to go.

Considering Han has been with us a whole 24 hours, he's already one of the family!


  1. Han looks like he has found the perfect home.

  2. Super sweet! Han will be loved and treasured.

  3. I did this once a long time ago, so much fun! Looks like Han is once lucky little bear!

  4. So fun! We did that once too -- I love how you paid attention to the steps. He really has found a home!

  5. I didn't see this coming. I thought of a puppy. How cool that Nat was able to make her own teddy bear.

  6. Very nice - just a great picture to end the post!


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