Saturday, August 1, 2015

Summer's Visit

Thank you to Ruth Ayers!
and join in the #celebratelu

So thankful a special guest finally arrived this past week for a visit.  "Thanks for showing up Summer!"

"Oh, you're quite welcome!  I enjoy returning every now and then."

"I just want you to know how grateful I am that I could spend a little wedge of time enjoying your company before I return to work next week.  Here's what I loved most about you today:

  • rays of Sun shining down to warm my family as we splashed at the pool
  • breezes to cool us as we walked around the shore of the tiny lake
  • puffs of white cloud playing hide and seek with your friend Sun
  • music floating around us bringing us to move to the beat
  • bright light night as Moon visits full for the second time this month
  • reminders from your cicada friends that your visit will be coming to an end
Lake Anna, Barberton 7-31 by Kameron Rudd

So, thank you Summer for sharing your special qualities!  We've adored your visit!  Could you please stay just a smidge longer?"

"W e  l  l,   m a y be..."


  1. Amy, love that you're talking directly to summer! And glad that she has cooperated at least a little bit. Enjoy this last week, too. That Lake Anna looks wonderful!

  2. Your words transported me. I used to have my kids kiss summer goodbye in a writing piece. And then we embraced festive fall. It was cathartic for all of us!

  3. I celebrate with you today---for summer mysteries!

  4. Summer days are coming to an end for me; although, the heat will stay for at least 2 more months. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.

  5. What a lovely idea - formally thanking summer. I was just thinking I will go read outside to enjoy a little bit of summer this afternoon. :)

  6. Your post reminded me of a Paul Simon lyric. Do you remember the Sounds of Silence. The picture and the post are beautifully crafted and left me with feelings of nostalgia.

  7. :) Well, this is why we all love Summer. Thanks for this prose ode!

  8. Amy, what a delightful post.I'm catching up after a wonderful summer weekend with the family in Cape May. I think it was quite clever to thank summer for making such a wonderful entrance. I am hoping that you will add a poem of your thoughts to the photo for Summer Splashings. What do you say? Information is at


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