Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tour de Parks!

Special thanks to the Two Writing Teachers

Girl Goes on Playground Tour with Dad!

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Close your eyes (not yet) and imagine being at your favorite parks from when you were a child (now).  What do you see?  Picnic tables, slides, waterfalls, trees, sun and sand to mention a few?  

What Nattie saw...
  • a worn and weathered picnic table where she sat to eat her packed lunch at the park preschool 
  • a slippery slide newly placed where the old steel pole and metal sliding board once stood
  • a wooden trail down to the basin of the Gorge where only muddy trails once existed
  • a sand digger to sit on and manipulate where only a giant sandbox once was
  • a rock climber where only rusted swings once swayed
A day out with her dad...a tour of his favorite parks from childhood.  Lots of memories floating around. I could see from looking at the pictures and listening to her delight that Nat had an awesome time on the park tour with Kevin.  I know he felt happy about taking her to see the parks.

I didn't go on the tour but it made me think about my favorite parks.  One of them was just across the street from my elementary school.  I played many games there and even camped there for Girl Scouts.  I remember venturing on snipe hunts!  I loved running up and down the hills...chasing squirrels up the tall trees.  I remember cooking in the covered shelter and having picnics with my friends.  I remember hearing kids laughing and screaming breathless as they tagged each other.  A great place to enjoy nature's blessings.

What memories do you have of parks from your childhood?


  1. Amy, Park tours. I love this idea!! Jen Vincent (Teach Mentor Texts) is doing a park challenge, visiting a new park everyday and posting pics on instagram. When I was a kid, Nathan Bill was my park. Forest Park was the BIG park that was a treat...that one had a zoo and lots of playgrounds. I don't live near my hometown, but when I get back there, I'm going to visit some of these places. Thank you!!! LOVE this idea!

  2. Love this, Amy. When I went back to Missouri to visit my brother, we drove by my old elementary, of course the playground is updated. I mostly remember the tall, tall swings and going so high I thought I might fly. It's so nice to hear that Nattie had fun with her dad!

  3. Nattie has gotten so big! Wow! What a sweet little girl she is.

    Parks and childhood. Oh gosh. I remember feeding the ducks. Does that count?

  4. Summer = parks = fun. Great pictures!

  5. Summer = parks = fun. Great pictures!


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