Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Snornado-A Sleepytime Silly

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A sleepytime silly...

  1. a sound, destructive noise coming from a person or thing who is breathing heavily (as a snore) and loudly while sleeping.

I love summer.  I love staying up late and sleeping in.  My kids do too!  Last night was no exception for the three of us staying up later than we normally do during the school year.   Kevin gets up very early for work so he heads to sleep while we're still awake.   We were reading, talking, and playing on our electronic devices having a great time.  Knowing that we had plans for a fieldtrip with a friend in the morning, I told them it was time to brush our teeth and "hit the hay".

Kam wandered upstairs on his own, brushing his teeth and heading for bed.  He quickly came back down and asked, "How am I supposed to go to sleep when dad sounds like a 'SNORNADO'?"  We all chuckled at Kam's creativity with snore + tornado and agreed that the noise coming from "Dad" did sound rather loud.  Kam turned on his fan (for white noise) and closed his door...lights out...asleep.


  1. LOVE the new word...snorado...I know JUST how that sounds!

  2. Like Anita, I love it too. I actually thought it was real the way you started out, Amy. What fun!

  3. How did you make it look like an actual dictionary entry? Love playing with words!

  4. Funny and with a new term that I will borrow...


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