Saturday, August 8, 2015

Little Man Growing Up

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My #celebratelu this week is thinking about all the smiles and joy Kameron has brought to my life.  He's growing up right before my eyes...11 years ago today, we headed to the hospital to go through the induction process.   Baby boy Rudd was "done baking" and we needed to do some shaking!  24 hours later, we had our little K-man!

I felt so blessed the moment I saw that sweet little face as the doctor handed him to me.  My life continues to be full of treasured moments because of Kam.  He makes me laugh, brightens my days and generally keeps it real!  I truly celebrate his presence in our lives as a family and cherish the times we experience together.

Love you Kam!  Happy Birthday tomorrow!


  1. I celebrate with you and Kameron. Happy Birthday to the growing boy!

    My Celebrate Today

  2. Happy Birthday to Kameron. Enjoy your celebration Kameron and Mom.

  3. What a sweet tribute to Kameron! Happy Birthday to him!

  4. Amy, Happy Birthday to Kameron. Great collage of him. Children are treasures.

  5. Happy Birthday to Kameron! Such a sweet celebration.


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