Sunday, August 23, 2015

Me by the Numbers, A First Day Ice Breaker

Back to school, back to school, we are going back to school!

I am so excited for the first day of the school year.  I can say that knowing I've already been through 2 weeks of Instructional Coach Bootcamp!  Woohoo!  This year, I am coaching in a different building!  I am looking forward to working with the teachers and my new principal.  Over the summer I was perusing Pinterest and saw a great pin for an ice breaker activity called, "Me by the Numbers".  You can check out that pin here along with the orignal post at the Math Coach's Corner here.

I decided to take it one step further and go digital with my copy and share with my staff when we do our ice breaker.  Here is my google slides presentation.  Here is what the screenshot will look like:
I used Google Drawing to create the shapes for the background.  I then added textboxes, pictures and clipart to add the finishing touches.  I enjoyed creating this digitally even though I was hedging on whether or not to use the brand-new batch of "Mr. Sketch" smelly markers.  Love these but went digital.

I think people will enjoy learning and getting to know each other through this fun sharing activity.  I also think teachers could use it with their students as well.  Hello Chromebooks!  Since we are a Google Apps district, the kids all have access to Google Drawing and the teacher could share the template with the students and have them create their own too.  Yay for digital!

I am looking forward to having a fun time with this ice breaker.  Cheers to a wonderful start of the school year for you if you're just beginning or even if you've already started!

If you decide to use this with teachers or students, please comment below and tell us how it went!

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