Monday, August 10, 2015

A-ha Idea #PB10for10

As August 10th loomed large, I began to panic.  I didn't have my mojo, my theme, my idea for the August Picture Books 10 for 10.  (By the way, thank you to Cathy Mere & Mandy Robek for hosting this exciting collection of treasures).  I felt a sense of urgency to come up with an idea...I began to wonder...Names?  ABC's?  All around favs?  Animal stories?  Nothing worked for me.  I even thought of skipping out this year and just reading others lists to develop a new TBR stack and a wish list for future purchases.  I then decided to head out to the library.  Ideas...IDEAS...I  D  E  A  S...
I need you!!
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I picked up this book...
Sozi has ideas and making sure to see them through to the end is really important.  So my idea for #PB10for10 this year is all about ideas and inventions-wondering what if, possibilities, imagination and ingenuity  coming together.  "Her idea" is clever-I don't want to spoil it so don't miss it!

My next book has been a big hit-I read it in the Fall of last year and I know my take away is to be inspired by the possibilities...I connected to this book when I read it as she took a walk to get away from her troubles when she got mad and couldn't make it work.  When she came back, things start to go just right and soon she had it nailed.  Sometimes time away helps things to focus better...

This lead me to think of my next great idea book which I first learned was a video from the  Partnership for 21st Century Skills and Fable Vision called "Above and Beyond" . Read more on their history here.  So I was thrilled when I learned the video was being adapted into a book called "Going Places"...I love this book because it inspires wondering and thinking outside the box about the possibilities if we just take the time to think about our ideas.  

My theme is coming together-the possibilities!  Oh, yes, they are flying now!  

I thought about inventions again especially since I was up at Cedar Point on the giant ferris wheel and the possibililites about Mr. Ferris and His Wheel.  What if he never invented this?  He made a significant contribution to how we can view our world.  I really appreciated his invention and how much I enjoyed the ride and the view from the top on the summer night...thanks Mr. Ferris.  Thanks to Kathryn Davis for writing this story so we could learn of this invention.

That made me think of the story-What Do You Do with an Idea?  You have to let it grow...time and energy help it along to see what happens next.  "I wondered what do you do with an idea?" It's important to stick with your ideas-they are yours and they matter and they grow and grow.  And can eventually change the world.  (I also bought this one.) 

I searched for more newer picture books that had a similar theme of inventing/ideas...I found this one-

Ziggy's Big Idea.  It's the back story on the invention of the bagel.  I read this with Natalie.  She loved listening to the story about how Ziggy worked to make his invention a reality.  We both liked how it included a recipe for making bagels.  We hope to try this on the weekend.  It was inspiring and made me think again about wonder, possibilities and ideas.  Ziggy's confidence is built by feedback from those around him.  I love the message of inspiration.  Making something even better... (need to buy this one). 

I then read The Extraordinary Mr. Qwerty-I like this book because it shows kids that they have great ideas and need to share them with the world.  Inspirational for sure!  When I first picked it up I wondered if it would be about the Qwerty keyboard...but maybe that's someone's book to write yet...hmm possibilities here...

I was finally able to read Beekle-and I thought about ideas of imaginary friends and wonder and play.  It made me wonder about how kids see the world...and think back to my first book about being in a book.  I think the author, Dan Santat, perfectly captured how kids come up with ideas and see that it's ok.  Courage and risk-taking are also part of this story that kids will connect with! 

My next book was how Ben Franklin created his first invention-swimming paddles.  He studied and hypothesized and invented and tested  the swim paddles.  I love how the author, Barb Rosenstock, noted what she imagined Ben to do in her follow up note at the end of the story.  Swimming was a great time for Ben to get his ideas.  I love how she played with words and how the type-set emphasizes actions-it could be a good mentor text for looking at other inventions and possibilities.  Ideas-wonder-investigations all to make things better a neat piece of history to note (mostly true).

My last book, more about imagination and wonder-Ally loves dinosaurs and her idea is to pretend to be one at all times on her first day of school. (I think I'll pretend to make like a tree and leave on my first day!--just kidding!). It's important to consider what others think too and Ally has a change of heart about her preferences from the first day to day two.  It's all about imagination and thinking of possibilities.  

10 for 10 done.

And now you must think of the possibilties for all the new picture books you have to read to your children,your students or even just you.  Enjoy wonder, invention and imagination as you consider the possibilities, the IDEAS A-HA!


  1. I love ally-saurus! so clever and well put together. perfect first day of school book!

  2. I am so thrilled to see Beekle on here! I got to hear Dan Santat speak at Scholastic's Author breakfast at ILA this summer and he was amazing! What a great idea to do "ideas" for your list!

  3. Amy,
    This is such a great list to get the ideas flowing. These titles would work for genius hour, inquiry, and inspiring new ideas. I'm so glad you took the time to put this list together. There were several new titles for me. I look forward to checking them out.


  4. This post was really fun to read. And . . . wonderful book choices!


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