Thursday, September 10, 2015

Circle of Light-Remembering 9-11

Reflecting on September I remember September 11th...It seems hard to believe that it's been so long ago now...

I remember the day-I was at school in the middle of a Building Leadership Team meeting when we were interrupted by the school secretary-telling us a plane had hit one of the twin towers-we immediately turned on the TV in the office-thinking of what a tragedy this was and not knowing there was more to come or that it had been a terrorist attack on our country...

I remember feeling so scared that day-not knowing what was happening or why-all the details-but trying to be strong and keep the first grade children in my classroom safe...many parents came up to the school to get their children.  By the mid-afternoon dismissal, only a handful of children were left in the room.  We read stories and tried to keep things light so as not to worry them.  No TVs were allowed to be on as the Board requested that children be shown the images of this tragedy within their parents' control.

I remember praying a lot-praying for the safety and well-being of so many people.  I never knew anyone personally who was in New York, D.C. or Shanksville that day.  I prayed for the heroes of that day-so many who did what they do best-putting their lives in harms way to save others.

I remember the silence...not one airplane in the sky after all planes were grounded.

I remember feeling shocked and horrified that so many people died from this tragedy...for no reason.  I still pray that nothing this horrifying ever happens to our America, the USA, again.

To share how our city, Tallmadge, remembers...if you ever get the chance-drive through the town some September 11.  The traffic comes to a halt at this beautiful rememberance...

The Circle City is aglow with light.  Volunteers begin lighting candles at 8am in the morning.  The candles burn for 24 hours."There are 343 red candles for fire department personnel, 60 blue candles for police personnel, 55 green candles for military personnel and 2,518 white candles for civilians -- a total of 2,976."(source Tallmadge Express) The site of the Tallmadge Circle lit up by candle light in honor of the victims will take your breath away!  It's a beautiful sight!  One of the few times of the year that 8 spokes of busy-non-stop traffic will come to a complete stand-still because people just want to take in the view.  Pictures just do not capture what the eye can see...a beautiful moment to honor, remember and reflect...


  1. This is beautiful! What a gorgeous and thoughtful tribute! I love the different candles representing the different people. Gorgeous.

  2. I remember it well, too. I struggle every year about what to do in my classroom. The students seem so far removed from it and yet it makes me so sad that I think it scares them. I also feel like we still have too much fear in our world. I want to make my space a safe one. The candle tribute is beautiful and touching.


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