Saturday, July 25, 2015

Crazy vs Lazy Celebrations

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The writer in me felt excited to share all of the happenings from this week but wanted to share them in a clever way...I was thinking and typing and playing...I tried two different apps Piktochart and Venngage as I was inspired by 10 things to Try this Year via Alice Keeler -specifically #8-create and use infographics.  I needed to have a paid account to do the things I wanted to for now I will stick with my pictures to enhance my description of celebrations...

Google Apps for Educators.  I am celebrating all the percolating that occurred in my head as I learned about Google Apps and how they could be used in the classroom.  I can hardly wait to share my learning with the teachers at my school and try things out with the kids.  During our Winter Site Improvement Planning training, I created and shared this emaze documenting our work at Barber.  At our presentation, I ended with-"The world is going Google and you should too!"  Now, I've learned so much more and I'm brimming over with possibilities.

Kam had basketball camp this week at the University of Akron.  He attended with his whole team and they "had a ball"!  I'm glad he got to go.  I decided to make sugar cookies for the little team party they had on Thursday.  I tried this new recipe to make the cookies.  They turned out ok but I didn't have unsalted butter.  If you try it, make sure you don't add the salt if you don't have unsalted butter.  They tasted a little salty...

Another celebration this week was finishing up the building of the book baskets.  I worked closely with my friend Rosemary to get the books sorted into tubs and labeled for delivery.  We are so excited to have the books ready for the Akron Reads volunteers who will be tutoring our students this Fall.  Our next step is completing the training for the volunteers.

The week began "Crazy" and shifted down to "Lazy".  On Friday, we visited the library and checked out some new books.  After we got home, I got a big sheet and laid it out on the grass.  Natalie and I read books together in the shade and laughed and giggled as we read.  We spent time just looking up at the sky too-my favorite shape Nattie noticed was the cloud that looked like a giant hightop shoe.  

My attempt at an infographic using Venngage!

Create infographics with Venngage
A busy yet relaxing week...was yours busy or relaxing?


  1. From crazy to lazy!!! LOVE that! I also love how you described your desire and struggle to present things in a new way. I found it so honest! :) Happy Celebrating!

  2. Lazy time is so necessary. Love the book reading and cloud watching!

  3. I love the percolation periods in life. Sometimes we need the lazy moments to make us think about things!

  4. Love that 'crazy to lazy', too, Amy. It sounds like a week filled with fun, whether prepping for the year, or lounging and reading on a blanket in the shade. Summer time is good!

  5. Amy, In agreement with Linda. The crazy to lazy phrase is great. I immediately got the idea of the week.

  6. Who says that teachers get the summer off? You seem to spend most of yours on! Love the lazy reading day. Enjoy those kids. They grow up and go away so fast!

  7. I like the way you described it with crazy to lazy!
    Loved being able to picture you outside giggling over books with Natalie.


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