Monday, March 23, 2015

Still your Birthday?

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Yesterday, I celebrated another year older.  I will spare you the details of exactly what age I am...let's call it 29 and holding.  I have to share the events of my day because they were so perfect!

I woke up to my sweet little cherub-faced daughter saying, "Happy Birthday Momma!"  I think everyone should be able to wake up to happy little voice like hers with a special greeting every day.  Trust me, you would love it if you heard it.

The morning greeting was followed up with a special blessing at church on the way out after mass.  We always stop to visit with Father on our way out of mass.  It's such a special way to start off a new week.  Kam let it slip that we were going to celebrate my birthday.  So Father asked when it was.  I told him.  He blessed me with a special prayer and a send-off to a great year.  What an awesome birthday gift!

The day proceeded to be filled with greetings from friends and family via texts, calls and facebook messages.  These were examples of the wonderful ways my life is filled with blessings.

Next, we headed out to dinner at Nuevo Acapulco.  My family asked me if I wanted the waiters and waitresses to sing "Happy Birthday".  I decided, no, I didn't wish to be embarrassed in that way.  Our food was delicious and we were so full we could not head to Dairy Queen for birthday dessert.  Maybe tomorrow?

I laughed and smiled when I woke up today.  Nattie asked me, "Momma, is it still your birthday?"


  1. Cute! I think you should have said yes and let her sing again! Happy Birthday and have a great year!

  2. Happy Birthday! Nothing wrong with celebrating as long as you can, especially if it is birthday wishes from small ones.

  3. I'm so glad you got that special blessing at church! You definitely have a sweet little girl, just like her mama. I wonder how you get it all done...I wonder how I used to get it all done. xo

  4. Happy Birthday! Nothing more precious than those sweet little voices. You should record her talking so you'll never forget that sweet voice. D :)

  5. happy birthday - again today. I am with Nattie - celebrate for the week - at elast. May your year be blessed with wonderful memoires.

  6. Awe! Happy birthday. Sounds perfect indeed and blessings after Mass are always a plus. Wishing you happiness in the year ahead, lots of "good mornings" in cute voices, and many blessings along the way!

  7. Happy happy birthday!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  8. Happy Birthday! Keep celebrating. You can always celebrate the unbirhtday too.


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