Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March Mudness

Slice 17 of 31
for the Slice of Life Challenge
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The strange look of the piles of mud in the yard (now that all the snow has disappeared) is concerning.  It looks like a cow pasture loaded up with cow dung...but we have no cows.  I mentioned to Kam when we pulled in the driveway tonight, "I wonder how those piles are going to get taken care of?"  

"Yeah, Mom!  Those piles do look bad!"

We'll just add it to the list of major yard work that needs to happen once the weather warms up a bit more.  It will be ok.  They will get taken care of!  The yard will look better-it's just not looking good now.

Fast forward two hours...

Kam raced outside to play basketball when his homework was completed.  While he was outside, he donned his Good Samaritan cape and started stomping down all the piles of mud (which we think are from moles).  As a result of trying to be helpful, his good basketball high tops became a mud-caked mess.  So when he came in the house, the mud came too!

Fast forward 20 minutes...

He tried and tried to clean them up down in the stationery tub without telling us and ended up spraying mud droplets everywhere so now the mud is in the yard and in the basement on the floor, wall, and washer.  I appreciate that he tried to stomp the mud but made more of a mess in the process.

March Mudness is making me crazy!


  1. Cute play on words at the end. The 3 snippets together work well. This works!

  2. Ahh,,,I remember those days! My mantra became, "It's the thought that counts." It helps if you repeat this over and over as you are cleaning, repairing, remaking, or whatever-ing. Enjoy! These times do end...eventually. ;)

  3. Ugh! A good deed turned into a muddy mess.

  4. All the mud on the floors at school brings out a very strong urge to sweep!

  5. All the mud on the floors at school brings out a very strong urge to sweep! The good news is that mud means spring!

  6. Don't let March Mudness send you over the edge! Love this slice. It's so sweet that Kam tried to clean the mud by himself.

  7. March Mudness...Perfect title! :0)

  8. Love the March Mudness!! Between the kids and dog we are doomed. You're posts capture your personality and I love getting to know you!


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