Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Slice of Cherry Cheese Coffee Cake

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 Have you ever been to a Pampered Chef party?  I accepted the invitation to go to a party hosted by one of my friends.  The room was filled with tasty snacks created to demonstrate the Pampered Chef tools.  

One of my favorite tools I purchased has been my round baking stone and rack/holder.  Since I purchased the stone, one of my favorite recipes is the one pictured above-Cherry Cheese Coffee Cake.  It's always been a big hit wherever I've brought it.  Yesterday was no exception!

My school staff had professional development training with Benchmark Universe.  I wanted to bring a "Birthday Treat" so I thought this would be the perfect choice.  I placed it in the conference room at the start of our p.d.  Throughout the day, teachers were asking for the recipe.  I found it linked here.  If you're interested, click on and try it out.  Everyone who tried it loved the little slice of "Cherry Cheese Coffee Cake"!


  1. That looks so good. It must taste as good as it looks if everyone was asking for the recipe. Thanks!

  2. That looks unbelievable! My only question? Is it easy to make? I love a good recipe but if it's too complicated ... but man, that looks so good!


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