Monday, March 16, 2015

Belch Heard Round the World

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Oh. my. goodness...I attended my niece's birthday celebration tonight with my hubby's side of the family.  We all met at Chili's to surprise Lauren.  The kids were excited and prior to Lauren walking in with her dad, Kam and Nat looked the menu over and knew what they were going to order.  Nattie decided to get the kids pizza and mandarin oranges.  Usually, she doesn't order chocolate milk, but I let her since we were celebrating a special occasion. (Oh, Momma, what were you thinking?) 

The waitress brought out the drinks as we waited a little longer for the birthday girl to arrive.  We were all chattering away and having a grand time visiting and catching up on the latest with family.  The waitress also brought out some chips and salsa while we waited too.  In 15 little minutes, Natalie had slurped down her whole cup of milk.  Wow, she must have been thirsty.  She also gobbled down quite a few chips...and salsa.

"SURPRISE!" we all shouted as Lauren arrived.  And the visiting and chatting continued as the waitress took our dinner orders.  While we waited for dinner to arrive, Nattie was breathing on the window and trying to draw on it (please don't judge).  

Our dinner finally arrived.  Nattie started by eating her oranges. She started acting kinda funny and was not really interested in eating her pizza.  Surprise?..."Momma, my belly hurts!" she sheepishly admitted.

"It does?  I'm sorry."  I rubbed her back a little...
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Surprise-B  E  L C  H... I was sure the whole world had just heard the most enormous burp ever by the smallest little girl in the room.  I immediately thought-Remove the child from the room! She's going to throw up!  Luckily we were seated near the carry-out door. I quickly whisked her out the door to some fresh air and away from the crowd.  Wow, all I can say is wow!  Thank God she didn't throw up and ended up being ok.  Never again will we mix salsa, chips, chocolate milk, and oranges together for dinner.  It was a bad combination that lead an enormous belch (I'm sure) heard round the world!


  1. I'm that one person in the crowd that would have just giggled uncontrollably if I had heard it. That's definitely not a great combination of foods but thankfully all she did was burp. I'm thinking of using this snippet as an example for my class of writing about a real life situation, a definite slice. May I get your permission to read it out loud?

    1. Sure! You're welcome to use it! I am hoping it brings giggles!

  2. I love how you built up to the main event and it's possible revisiting of the intake. This is masterful writing of a real life event for sure. My son, back in his preteen years, used to do such things to GET a good belch!

  3. Oh my! Poor thing! I'm glad it only resulted in a loud belch and I hope she is feeling better today! What a great build up!

  4. I don't think anyone would judge you...or your little Nattie. Just lucky that in all of the excitement and quite a variety of foods she did not get cranky...or as you feared...throw up. What is a little burp?....uh...well big belch! Jackie

  5. Amy,
    What a funny story. Well, maybe not funny when you are the mother and the child burping is yours. Happy to hear she didn't barf.
    Wishing you all my best,

  6. Nattie will probably hear this story forever and ever! :0)

  7. Oh my gosh. I have soooo been there with my kids! Party till ya (don't) puke!


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