Friday, March 7, 2014


Slice of Life Story Challenge
Slice 7 of 31

Today was a sharing of those things you learned to do in Kindergarten.  I forgot my lunch today and being that it's Friday, I knew I'd need to make a meatless selection from the lovely little Italian grocery store nestled in the heart of North Hill.  i offered to grab something for my principal too as I left the building.  She definitely wanted something.  

I arrived at the lot and already could smell the delicious Italian spices and aromas filling the air as I made my way to the door.  Oh, it smelled so delicious as the swirl of wind raced past my nose when I walked through the doorway...

I walked to the number machine and carefully pulled the next number from the tape..."59".  As I waited in line, I couldn't decide what I wanted because all of the choices looked so good.  They had home-made pizza today along with meatball subs. Good thing I had time to decide on what I wanted before my number was called. 


Oh, the pressure was on..."Do you have the tuna noodle casserole that you guys make on Fridays during lent?"

"No, not today honey!"

 So, I purchased a slice of veggie pizza and made my way over to the cold sandwiches...egg salad...then I was checking out and I spied some home-made chocolate chip pecan cookies.  YUM!  I snatched them up and added them to my bill.  I grabbed my bag and headed back to the car and drove quickly back to school.

I dropped the lunch off to my principal and let her pick which food she wanted and she asked for the pizza.  When she asked how much she owed me, I just said, "It's all good...on me today!"

I took the rest of my food and ate.  I stored the leftover cookie in the little office I share with the school psychologist and went off to the classrooms.  When I came back at the end of the day, the psychologist noticed the cookie adding how delicious it looked.  I told her she could have it if she wanted it.   I shared. Funny part is, she would not let me just share the cookie...she wanted to even trade for something else.  So, I swapped the cookie for a diet coke.

Share and share alike...


  1. LOL! Great post. I could sense the openness in your heart as you shared and shared your bounty with others. I could feel the happiness and generousness seeping through your words. Lovely!

  2. Even though I just finished eating, you made m mouth water for Italian food. Your slice reminded me of Rober Fulghum's book "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten." If people only would remember those lessons. Like sharing.

  3. Love how you show sharing and I could see the wind moving as it raced passed your nose! Love when that happens. Great PBIS post.

  4. I thought you would split the cookie...but I guess you wete okay with a trade.


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