Saturday, March 8, 2014

Celebrating Mini-slices

Slice of Life Story Challenge
Slice 8 of 31

Thanks to Two Writing Teachers and Ruth Ayers for hosting 
these blog hops!

Today, Day 8 SOLSC, and Celebrate Saturday, I am celebrating mini-slices, all 6 of them...

1.  I made it through two days of flying solo as a parent.  My hubby had to travel for work so I had the kids to manage myself on Monday and Tuesday (and I still sliced!  Ya hoo!)  I got a heavy dose of having to handle the worries myself and I managed.  It wasn't perfect, but we made it.  Also, I have a great appreciation for single parents who do this every. single. day.  You are awesome!

2.  I wrote, sliced and commented 6 out of 7 days.  The day I missed, unfortunately, was a day I needed to be with my parents because of difficulties with my mom.  I was simply mentally out of gas after that day to pull off writing and commenting.

3.  My little girl officially became a "pre-schooler" as she moved from Toddler 2 to Pre-school 1 at daycare.  She's handled it beautifully and loves her new room.  Her favorite thing to do there every morning is to get a close-up of the fish tank and get a look at the turtle, crayfish and goldfish.  

4.  Kam has worked hard at school to bring his grades up.  He had 5 tests this week and got A's or B's on all of them.  So proud of him and the work he's put in to help his grades improve.

5.  Things at work settled a bit.  Teachers were in a frenzy about MAP testing and then yesterday, the decision to move the test to May seemed to calm everyone's nerves a little.  And two of the teachers and classes I work with were blogging this week.  So proud of them!

6.  My hubby and I met to celebrate his birthday for happy hour on Friday.  We enjoyed each other's company and the warmth and sun that came with a break in the weather.  I think Spring is just around the corner.  My car thermometer said "55" yesterday.

Happy Slicing Celebration Saturday!  I am thankful this week.  I feel blessed to have experienced a full and exciting week of learning and reflecting.


  1. I love that you gave credit to single moms Amy! I'm not one of them but I have always applauded moms doing it on their own and doing a great job! Great reflections of our week. Hope all is well with your mom.

  2. "Mini-slices" --- I love it! You have had a busy week, my friend. I'm sorry to hear your mom had a difficult time this week. Sometimes we have to put first things first.


  3. Even thought you didn't have an easy week, you found so many lovely reasons to celebrate. I am glad you shared.

  4. What great things to celebrate, even in the midst of challenges. I, too, admire single parents and don't understand how they do it. My husband sometimes goes on wildfire assignments where he is gone for two weeks. It's hard to do it all alone.

  5. I have been keeping records like these, too, but on Google Drive. It really does help jump start my writing... a digital record of notes!

  6. Great celebrations! So sorry your mom had a hard time this week. Congrats on your children's accomplishments!

  7. I love when we look back at our weeks and always find reasons to celebrate! Good grades, happy hour, happy new room; they might all seem small, but they make a big impact on our lives.

  8. Fabulous reasons to mini-slice, Amy - and I hope that your mom is feeling better.

  9. Amy, you have had a very busy week, especially double duty with your hubby away. I don't know how single mom's do all that is required and still make ends meet. Prayers that your Mom is doing better. Thanks for sharing all your celebrations for the week.

  10. I like the idea of "mini-slices." You had great things to celebrate. We finished up our first round of testing this week - such a stressful time. We also hit some 50 degree weather this week - isn't it amazing what the sun can do to our attitudes! Hopefully more of that this week!

  11. Yeah for single moms, postponing tests and imperfect days!

  12. Transitions, up and downs, celebrations and relaxations all wrapped up into one! Whew, that was quite a week. Glad you are here slicing but keeping it balanced with what comes first in your life. That can be hard but you are doing a great job.


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