Saturday, March 15, 2014

Celebrating Mini Slices II

Slice of Life Story Challenge
Slice 15 of 31 

Thanks for hosting these special events and celebrating writing and writers!

Another busy week flew by and I was able to write and slice a few of the days for the Slice of Life Story Challenge.  Today, I am glad to wake up slowly and take some time to reflect on the Celebration Mini Slices that I would have written if the time and energy would have been there...

Day by Day

I am celebrating my sweet little family!  We enjoyed spending time with my in-laws!  The reason we got together was to honor Kevin on his birthday!  The kids loved the chocolate cake my mother-in-law brought to share.  Of course the kids love seeing their nona and poppa!  We also watched the half-time ceremony of the Cavs game when Z had his number retired.  What an honor! 

We met up with my side of the family to celebrate our birthdays at New Era restaurant.  We talked a lot about my uncle who passed on Saturday.  We will miss him greatly but know that he's now comfortably residing in heaven and no longer suffering.  My mom took this very hard...just adding to the difficulty of what we're already going through with her.  My uncle also had cousin and I have been talking about the similarities between my mom and her

I am celebrating that we completed Kameron's biography report and presentation board on John Glenn without any accidents or mishaps.  We were also able to find the Model Magic he needed for his landform project.  I also made it to work early for an important meeting with the Curriculum and Instruction Division.  Our Assistant Superintendant wanted everyone in their seats ready to go at 5 till 8.  I was there at 7:45 (a stretch for me since I have both kids to drop off in the morning before I get to work).  I made it!

I also took my mom to a follow up appointment with the surgeon. This lead to her telling me about how bad her ear hurt.  As a result, I took her to the med clinic they normally go to and she had wax impaction in her right ear and her left eardrum was perforated...she probably had this for awhile.  How she dealt with pain without telling anyone is unimaginable...

I have been in contact with Derek Munson, author of Enemy Pie and Bad Dad since summer.  He willingly responded to questions third grade students at Barber had regarding the book Enemy Pie.  We tweeted his response that was posted to our class kidblog and he tweeted back to us.  Many thanks to Derek!

I made it through another doctor appointment with my parents.  This time we had our appointment with the geriatrician.  She started floating care options toward my dad.  He's going to have a hard time making this decision on how to best take care of my mom.  The geriatrician and I agreed that my dad can barely take care of himself now...

I breathed a sigh of relief as yet another winter storm turned out to be less problematic than originally forecasted. Thank God we didn't have another snow day called.  As a result, we were able to get pizza for Kam's school pizza night at Marcos.  This was a special event since the kids designed their own pizza boxes.  We celebrated seeing Kam's box design.

I celebrated the health of my children...I thought Kam was getting sick.  He came home and slept for two hours after school.  He didn't want to eat or drink...just sleep.  When he woke up, he seemed less pale and ate some jello.  I am not sure what was going on but he ended up being ok and was able to get up for school on Friday.

I enjoyed a fun lunch out with friends, although a little rushed.  We went to a newer restaurant called The Blue Door.  It's a buzzing little bakery/cafe.  I had the grilled cheese special (gruyere cheese with fig butter) YUM! tomato soup and bib lettuce greens.  It was delicious and the company was perfect.

Waking up, writing, and here to celebrate with you!  Looking forward to date night with my hubby...babysitter lined up...what could be better?


  1. And I thought this was a mini slice Amy! Honestly, when the week is jammed packed I prefer reading mini slices of others . . . I can read more of them! enjoy date night!

  2. Amy, I am always happy to see your posts! I feel your struggles with your parents, but I am so glad you are close. Happy that all those little things turned out well for you this week!

  3. Such a full life,,,meeting struggles with grace...and greeting blessings with joy! Happy date night...a blessing for sure!!

  4. Health is precious. Being a mother and daughter gives you worry from both sides. I wish you strength and resilience to stay healthy and take care of the ones who need you. And take care of yourself. Celebrating the good things and going on a date night are just the right things to do.

  5. You have had a full week, on every front. Good for you that you've made time o do for yourself, too.

  6. Your week was packed - no wonder you had little time for slices! I love the idea of mini-slices anyway! Enjoy your date night!

  7. What a great week you've had - sounds like it was a busy one. So glad the snow and illness missed you. Sorry to hear about your struggles with your parents. You're at a difficult stage - caring for young children and aging parents. I agree with Terje - celebrating and a date night are just perfect for some fun, positivity, and relaxation!

  8. What a busy week! I'm sorry about your uncle, and for the ongoing health issues of your parents. They are certainly lucky to have you near to help them through these challenges. Hope you can have a little peace and quiet for yourself tomorrow!


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