Monday, March 10, 2014

10 Songs on the Tenth

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Let the number do the talking...10 on the tenth...our top 10 songs around the house these days...did a lot of research to come up with this list sneakily surveying the fam.
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10-Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Nattie's vote)

9-The Cup Song  (The ever addicting tapping can't/won't get it out of my head) from the movie Pitch Perfect

8-Frosty the Snowman  (car song request) and Christmas tunes linger on

7-YMCA (due to Despicable Me Minions) Kam bought the movie and we popped it in a lot during the snow days when we were home this winter.

6-Let it Go (who can't stop singing this song right now?) Frozen-which ironically has a lot of similarities to how we are all feeling after this winter

5-Don't Stop Believing  (we all take advice from Journey these days) we must have faith right?

4-Fallen Kingdom (Minecraft addicts unite)  Minecraft parodies abound these days and every chance the boy gets, he's on the computer creating in the Minecraft world humming these songs.

3-Revenge (Minecraft Creeper Song) see number four to learn additional background info on the Minecraft rage in our house.

2-Happy (another Despicable Me fall out)  Yes, the little tune that gets you up and moving...

1-Everything is Awesome (Lego Movie-and it's true!) The Lego Movie was a big hit-I still want to see it but Dad and Kam loved it.  I know what the boy will want this as soon as it comes out on video.


  1. Love this list, Amy! Everything is Awesome is a new song to me. I completely agree with Let it Go & Happy!!!

  2. Thank you for your song list Amy,
    I will ask Mrs. Hodges to play them for me today.
    My favorite song has always been, Tom Jones – What’s New Pussycat? (1965)
    All the best,
    Love Pooh

  3. Happy is a big favorite of ours! I love those minions (who doesn't). Even though I teach littles my older girls are always introducing me to new music. We used to sing all the time in the car. Keep it up those are great memories!

  4. I love the list and just added Happy to my exercise if only I could find time to exercise....hmmmm

  5. We love "Happy" and the "Cup Song." A few of the others are new to me. I bet Izzy will love them. To the iTunes Store I go...


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