Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Moon Talk

Night settled on our tiny town as Nattie and I slowly made our way on the icy-coated parking lot to get buckled in for the drive home.  A misty curiosity blanketed the air for the evening travelers.  

Click-click...I inched my way around the car and got myself buckled in to the  I put the car in reverse and then drive, edging my way through the parking lot to the main road.  Right before we pulled out onto the main road, Nattie noticed, "Look Mama, the Moon!"  I looked up and there it was-the silvery-white guest, just floating among the trees.  

"The moon sure is mysterious looking tonight huh Nat?"  We pulled out onto East Avenue.  Nattie could no longer see the moon based on her position in the car and the direction we were driving.  

"Mama, I think the moon is chasing us!"  

"Maybe you're right.  Let's see where it is next."

As we pulled onto the side road that leads to our house, Nat could see the moon clearly out her window.  "Mama I see it again."

"Oh, yes, it looks bigger now doesn't it?"

"Yes, Mama, the moon IS following us!  I love the moon!"

"I love the moon too!  But I love you more!"

"I love you too Mama."

We jumped out of the car and my chatty little companion was onto grabbing at the snow in the driveway.  I knew the slice had to be about our sweet conversation!  Have you ever had moon talk?


  1. I remember not only my daughter's moon talks, but how I talked to my parents constantly about it for about a year. Thanks for evoking the memories with your post.

  2. I saw the moon last night with two of my grown daughters. It was a lovely sight, but not quite as magical as seeing it with younger children. I love the way children see the world as always new!

  3. The setting details you opened with were gorgeous, Amy. The conversation you recreated with your prose made my heart melt.

    I think you have the first draft a picture book here. (Did you realize that as you were writing?)

    BTW: I'm not sure if you remember, but Isabelle went through a big moon phase last year. LMK if you'd like some moon book titles. I have quite a few good ones I can share the names of with you.

  4. I so agree with Stacey...I immediately thought of a picture book too! I remember having moon talks with my kids as well. Thanks for helping me dig out the memories.

  5. These are the conversations that I miss now that my daughter is grown. We used to watch the moon together many times. Now I comfort myself with the thought that even though we are thousands of miles apart, we share the same moom!

  6. The moon was stunning the other night, wasn't it? I had this conversation with my oldest son when he was 3 or 4. And I did turn it into a picture book! The manuscript was rejected more than once, but you've made me think of it again. Thanks for sharing, Amy!


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