Saturday, December 21, 2013

Celebrating Gifts

Thank you to Ruth for encouraging us to celebrate this week!

One of my favorite parts of this time of year is celebrating with the giving of gifts!  At times, I have received more than I have given to others.  On the other hand, I've also been the one to give more.  The key is knowing that if you give from the heart, it shouldn't be about keeping the imaginary tally chart in your head...and yet, we're all human so sometimes that is hard to do...

This holiday season, I feel like I have received more gifts than I have been giving.  So I am taking this week to celebrate some special gifts that I've received not only as a gift but also as symbols of what to keep fresh all year!

My first gift was this one, Pete the Cat and the book, Pete's Big Lunch.  Thank you to my colleague, Roberta for this sweet gift.  The symbolic meaning of this gift is to remember Pete's mantra all year..."it's all good"!  I must also remember to avoid biting off more than I can chew!  ;)

The second gift was from my friend Rozanne.  She had several awesome gifts in one tiny package!  One of the parts was "Awesome Socks!"   All you have to do is note to self, you're awesome!  From the tag on the socks, "Positive affirmations are phrases that we say to ourselves to build confidence and train our minds.  They work on the subconscious, which is most receptive early in the morning or late at night.".

I take this gift as a gentle reminder to stay positive day and night.  In addition there was a container of "Aaron's Thinking Putty".  

I take this as a reminder to stretch your brain and think all through the year-spending time mulling over ideas and write them down.  And one more nugget of uniqueness, a candle as a reminder to spark them flame of creativity in others!    Thanks to Rozanne for these special gifts.

My last gift is a precious reminder from sweet son.  He created a hand-sewn Christmas Tree.  I will cherish this gift until the end of time.  I take this gift as a symbol to "sow" the seeds of kindness all year!

We never know how special gifts will touch the lives of others.  What special gifts have you given or received in the name of love or kindness this year?


  1. I love this idea of celebrating gifts that you have received! Many years ago my daughter gave me this wax melting thing (don't know what to call it). It is one of my few Christmas things that I took out early. I turn it on, I remember my daughter (as she is far away), and I enjoy the fragrance that fills the house. Happy celebrating Amy!

  2. Lovely appreciation of gifts. I like how your gifts were not just objects but reminders of something more meaningful. Your writing is a gift. Thank you. Enjoy the holiday season.

  3. Gifts are a special way to show appreciation for you. You are so appreciated by those gifts. I love the way each one spoke to you and reminds you of what is to be. Happy holidays Amy!

  4. I received a "bobble head" ceramic frog this year. What made this so special was that my student painted it himself and he was so proud! I have placed it next to a plant that I keep in my room. It was perfect!

  5. I love that you comment on the balance aspect of this holiday. It is never even - ever. Yet, in the years I give more, I am not happier nor am I sadder. This holiday is NOT about the gifts we give, rather is it about celebrating wit those we hold dear. You certainly get the idea of celebrating your connections rather than the gifts from others l

  6. Perfect gifts, each of them. Enjoy the holiday, Any!

  7. Merry Christmas Amy! I love that you shared your gifts and the meaning behind them. And don't you love those gifts from our kids that we will cherish forever? I'm going to bookmark I know 3 kids who would love those socks. :)

  8. The biggest gift I gave this year was to come and be with my mom for a week! I'm blessed to have the time and money to make this possible for her.


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