Saturday, December 14, 2013

Heart-filled Happiness

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How has your "Grinchie" heart grown this holiday season?  Today at The Tallmadge Little League Breakfast with Santa, my Grinchie Heart grew many times its original size!

I learned about a new philanthropic group based in Tallmadge called "Shoeboxes from the Heart"!  Here is their mission:

Our Mission: 
"To look past a person's circumstances of homelessness, addiction, poverty or mental illness, and speak HOPE directly into their heart through friendship, love and by providing help."
We are a Tallmadge, Ohio based charity group striving to provide essentials for survival of living homeless in the midst of Ohio winters, including hand warmers, toe warmers, socks, gloves, hats, batteries, blankets and clothing to those who find themselves without a home or access to warmth. Through providing literal warmth, we hope to warm the human spirit and touch peoples lives. 
For more info on the group, check out their link on Facebook, here

Katie Paonessa is one of the organizers.
Here are some things that go in each box!
So we donated to their mission to celebrate the good work they are doing to go along with Simple Acts Saturday and help the homeless too!

Another exciting celebration from the breakfast today is that the high school students raised over $3000 to help less fortunate families have Christmas celebrations.  We are so proud of them for raising this money to help the needy families.  Way to go!

And finally, another sweet moment of celebration today was having breakfast with "Auntie" Katie and Nattie!  We are so blessed to have Katie in our lives.  She's a wonderful and caring friend!  We can never repay her for all the kindness she's offered our way!

Our sweet Nattie "chatted" with Santa and told him that she wanted a puppy.  (Uh-oh)...she nibbled on her pancakes and sausage and moved on to eating her yummy candy cane she got from Santa!  Even though today's forecast was a snowy, cold Saturday, I smiled as I reflected on a morning of heart-filled happiness.
So many things to be thankful for this holiday season!


  1. What a great week! It is so great to be a part of helping others isn't it?

  2. Wonderful examples of everyday people doing extraordinary things!

  3. We had an adopted "Aunt" in our lives. My BFF from 7th grade used her vacation time to help us celebrate birthdays (two kids, two years apart, birthdays on consecutive days in the same month). I love that smile on Nattie's face and the fundraising completed by your high schoolers. Your post reminds me that I need to purchase blankets for a drive we're doing at church.

  4. So many special moments tied into that breakfast. Nattie is sure a cutie!

  5. Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments! Shoeboxes from the heart sounds like a wonderful mission!

  6. Heart-filled Happiness - I heart the title and the stories it brought.

  7. You have captured the happiness of everyday life in your wonderful post. I too love the title and the idea that "doing what you want to do with those you care about" would be enough to fill your heart!


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