Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Nattie-Day Three of Thirty Days of Thankful

30 Days of Thankful- #30daysofthankful
Today's thankful post is dedicated to Natalie, my daughter, who turns three today!  Blessed with the news in February of 2010, I excitedly prayed that my pregnancy would hold and I would give birth to a healthy baby sometime late in October of 2010.  Waiting was the hardest part...

At our twenty month ultrasound, the doctor shared that it was a girl and my hubby proudly announced, "You've got your shopping buddy!"  We all did the dance of joy and could barely wait for our girl's arrival!  We brainstormed lists of "K" names on the drive home-none of them stuck...

Arrive she did, November 3rd at 6:10 pm, coming into the world kicking and screaming and has been a little spit-fire ever since.  Her personality is highly spirited, spunky, and ornery!  She explores everything, leaving no stone un-turned!  She'll be our naturalist-always wanting to be outside no matter the weather.  She investigates bugs, spiders and always has an eye for animals.

Her third birthday party was yesterday.  Our gathering was small, just family.  Each brought special gifts that our girl played with long into the night-baby dolls seemed to be the big hit this year along with Lala Loopsy, My Little Pony and a Hello Kitty Flashlight.  We had the typical dinner, ham, cheesy potatoes, corn etc. What wasn't typical was Nattie's reaction to everything-emotional reactions to the gifts that were opened, saying thank yous, and giving hugs.  She responded so sincerely it brought a tear to my eye-how could she be so sweet?

We've had our challenges during the twos-hopefully that will be ending soon-it's been a great start to three! Every day with her is a new blessing to me...I just knew that my third day of thankful had to be about my journey with her...tbc!

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  1. I love the story of you finding out about your shopping buddy to the name picking. "Nattie" seems to fit Nattie perfectly. (I think she and Izzy would be great outdoor play buddies if we lived closer to you.)

    Happy 3rd birthday, Nattie!


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