Monday, November 4, 2013

Friends and Co-workers-Thirty Days of Thankful Day 4

30 Days of Thankful-Day 4

Today's thankful post is a big shout out to my fellow co-workers, friends, colleagues...

A long time ago-yes, really long ago (35-ish years or so) I was a Brownie and then went on the bridge to Juniors in Girl Scouts.  I loved being a girl scout!  It was truly a memorable experience.  One of the ideas that has always stuck with me since that time is the poem or song I learned about friends.

I still remember singing it round style during summer day camp.  I visualize sitting around the fire together cooking our food-roasting vegetables, making s'mores for dessert.  I can still hear the giggling and laughter echoing through the little park where we camped.  I still feel the sticky glue on my fingers from making all the crafts.  It seemed like so much fun...

The connection to today is that I still have these feelings of fun and learning when I am able to work with my colleagues who continually push and grow my thinking and learning all the while having fun.  My friends Kristi, Levonia, Rosemary, Rozanne, and Anna to name a few just keep me going with love of literacy learning and laughter too.  I am thankful for these friends who are both silver and gold!

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