Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ask the Audience...Crow or Penguin

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This weekly slice was inspired by thinking about how slices are everywhere...
we just have to look, observe and notice 
to see those stories that are ripe for pickin!

Trick or treat time!

One ornery, almost 3 tot
Who is an animal
con·nois·seur   (kn-sûr, -sr)

(she wanted to pet every dog on the trick or treat trail!)

Seeing one of the visiting dogs
from the Doggie Brigade

Loves to...





Whether or not this...

Is a Scarecrow or a scarePenguin


What do you think?

Scare"crow"                                or                       Scare"penguin"

Cast your vote below...


  1. Slices are everywhere! YES, it's so true and something I try and model for my students. I love that she stopped to pet every dog! Adorable!!!

  2. Scare crow penguin reminds me of the pandicorn a student drew in class and joked about last week. I can't think of a funny way to combine the words though: pengrow, croguin? So much joy in Halloween with little ones. Happy Halloween week!

  3. I like Lee Ann's idea of pengrow - so, there you go! Such fun, Lee Ann!

  4. It does look like a penguin. And your daughter looks adorable.

  5. So funny what the little ones dream up-your daughter looks so cute, Amy! The biggest challenge for one granddaughter, who will be a cat, is to get her to stop crawling around. She insists that cats walk on all fours, and she is a CAT! BTW-definitely a penguin! And-see you at NCTE!

  6. SO true about slices everywhere. I have notes for potential slices EVERYWHERE! Instead of asking myself WHAT to write about, I usually have to decide WHICH to write! PS HAVE A GREAT LEARNING TIME IN BOSTON. I will be there in spirit!

  7. Your daughter's adorable, Amy, but I see a scarecrow. Looking forward to meeting you at NCTE!

  8. Scare penguin! :)

    And yes, stories are everywhere if we are willing to look for them. :)


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