Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Voice of the Toys

Voice of the Toys

Dear Adults of the World,

Today in every land on Earth, children are playing with us, the toys!  

Some of the children who play with us are boys and some of the children who play with us are girls.
It seems to be a 50/50 mix!

It has come to our attention that for some reason
adults like to get involved in 
correcting the children who play with us 
mentioning to them that 
we are toys "for boys
or we are toys "for girls"!  

How 'bout encouraging "children" to share love and kindess?

We don't wish to be referred to as "boy" or "girl" toys!  
We just want to be toys that encourage all children to play happily!
Can you tell that we're a little fired up about this?

As the holiday shopping season begins and you start to hunt for the perfect gifts, 
remember to 
say "NO" to discrimination!   

Think about giving a toy to a "child" who'll love to play with the toy...
no matter girl or boy!

Leave your gender bias at the entrance to the store!

Yours truly,
The Toys

This message from the toys was inspired by recent blog posts from Stacey and a visit to the corn bin and Anita-the pink bird!  On the day of Stacey's post, I did some action research around my house and noticed I had a girl playing with boy doll and a boy making bracelets!  I asked my son a few questions and thankfully, he explained that toys shouldn't be boy or girl toys, they should just be toys that kids like to play with!  (Thanks Kam!).  So then, I noticed the packaging on the "girl" toy which is posted above!  Talk about targeting a specific audience?  I am going to write the company and suggest that the ad be changed to a non-gender specific phrase!  We have to start somewhere, right?

Then, as I was gathering evidence to support my claims from the toys' point of view-I noticed the headline in the "Voice of the People" section of today's newspaper, which ironically read, "Say no to discrimination" and viola! Today's slice came together!  What evidence of gender bias do you notice in your daily walks of life?  I'd love to hear how you see things...


  1. Let the kids play with the toys! I completely agree! This was a fun post. Thanks!

  2. LOVE YOUR POST! This is an area I THOUGHT we had moved beyond but I guess not! It is really sad that a company would see those rubber band bracelets as gender specific! I do NOT!

  3. Amen! I love how you give the toys a voice. Toys want to be played with by either boys or girls.

  4. This is great - I especially like the picture of the headline with the bracelets on top. It's a wonderful graphic to represent the issue. I also like how you wrote this from the perspective of the toys!

  5. I'm glad you're starting here, Amy! This is great. There shouldn't be boy toys and girl toys. As you know, this fires me up too!
    Keep us posted on whether or not you get a response back from the company.

  6. Love this post. I remember being passionate about this topic when my kids were little and that was a long time ago! We didn't have girl toys and boy toys at my house either...we just had toys. I hope you post again if you get a response from the company. Happy shopping this holiday season. :)

  7. Well, my daughter and I have noticed a decidedly, dedicated "pink" aisle at Target, down which I think few boys will run. It isn't labeled but it is "vibrant". I'll take a more careful look. The label you showed is astounding. It's 2013 & I feel we're going backward! Years ago I was asked to leave a store because I questioned their boy & girl toy aisle; I think it was a Payless or one of those kinds of stores. I hope we can all work together to combat this. I have two granddaughters-argh-and want them to be FREE to make choices. Thanks Amy, and again, Stacey and Anita!

  8. Fanned and faved, as they say. I agree with Linda, sometimes one has to ask: what year are we living in?

  9. Toys a re toys, only we can make them gender specific with our rules. i love when my great nephew practices his sewing! He reminds me of my father who was never ashamed to sew or do "female" things! (And he would be over 100 years old if he was still living!)

  10. I would love to know what you hear back. Way to take a stand and start somewhere!

  11. Amy,
    I am so busily trying to catch up on my online reading. I'm so glad I stopped by your post today. I've been pondering a post like this about books for readers. I'm so tired of reading "boy readers need" or "girls will love". I feel like we're just creating the bias with children who are so young. Toys are the perfect example of this!

    Shouting a big AMEN!


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