Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Coaching, Courage, and Commitment

Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life

Countdown, Courage, Commitment

Waking up early!
Early Saturday morning...
Morning breaks to day,
Day brings the countdown... 
Countdown to the start of the race!
Race full of runners!
Runners filled with courage... 
Courage building to run 
Run for many reasons...
Reasons built on commitment!
Commitment to complete!
Complete the race...
Race personally won!

A few weeks ago, my good friend, Rosemary showed the courage and commitment to run in the marathon and completed the Road Runner Marathon-Leg 2!  I woke up early and met another good friend, Anna, for coffee and we went to see Rosemary running her leg in the race.  We cheered her on as she ran by us!  Her hubby ran the whole marathon, supporting a different member of the family for each of the four legs to the race.  He showed, as a coach, how offering training and support side by side gave each of them the courage to commit to the work of completing the race.

Focusing on Frank's commitment to help the runners made me think about the great work teachers do.  He supported his runners throughout the preparation process!  He ran with them side by side as they trained.  He helped them build their stamina.  Every step of the way, as each runner completed their own piece of the marathon, he supported their effort.  He never left their sides...providing encouragement and sacrificing his own gain so all members of the relay were able to succeed and do their personal best!  What a great teacher!

Thanks Frank and Rosemary for this encouraging experience!


  1. What a wonderfully encouraging way to run, or to try any new endeavor. The connection between coaching and teaching is strong. Very strong.

  2. I love the connection between coaching running and teaching. We are so much better when we learn alongside our students.

  3. Coaching is another word for teaching - and we all need people cheering us on. Thanks for sharing this slice, Amy.

  4. Coaching, teaching, building stamina, encouragement....All the things that I should do as a teacher. Thanks for the parable!

  5. Yes Amy wonderful story wonderful connection!

  6. I admire anyone who can run a marathon, and what a gift to have a coach right beside her the whole way. Great analogy to teaching.

  7. We are all in this together. Love being part of this slicing team. I meet so many wonderful inspiring teachers like you!

  8. What an inspiring post, Amy! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Really beautiful analogy! Thanks Amy for taking the time to recognize Rosemarys commitment and Franks support to each family member.
    Julie Luyster ~ Leg #5 and ( Rosemarys sister)

  10. Wonderful story. Great connection.


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