Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Riddle me this toddler...

"I want some happy juice!!"

"What's happy juice?  Show me..." we trailed off through the kitchen and opened the pantry doors...


"Oh, happy juice huh?  Ok, you can have some happy juice!"

Guess who asked for happy juice...

Guess what happy juice is...

I really try not to give my children too much juice.   One a day or none a day is my preference.  I strongly encourage milk or water when asked.  To this day, Kam does not like pop and will ask for other options if pop is offered first.  But sometimes, just the asking is so adorable, I have to give in!

**chime** request granted!

Happy juice in hand, proudly perched at the kitchen table, Natalie sipped away with her apple juice box. Check out the box for yourself.  Wouldn't you call it happy juice?


  1. Happy juice is the obvious name for this box. Too cute!

  2. Happy juice is the perfect name for it! How could you resist such a cute way of asking?

  3. AH...such a happy image....they should make water bottles like this!

  4. I love it when the small things make us smile. Just think...someone probably got paid big bucks for thinking of this marketing strategy!

  5. That box of juice (MM, right?) DOES look so happy. I can see how it got that name.

    I second what Anita said. They should make water look like this.

  6. It is happy juice! Excellent marketing. I, too, would have found the request irresistible!!

  7. This is wonderful. It reminds of a time when I was working w/ an autistic child and teaching him to draw a house. He drew the door and two window...paused, looked at his work and then announced "Happy House!" and drew a huge smily face under the door (nose) and windows (eyes). Made my day.

  8. Oh, this is so great! It IS happy juice!

  9. How cute and worth the wait to find this happy story about happy juice!

  10. A marketing ploy extraordinaire! Like above, they should do water like this! Fun story Amy!

  11. Absolutely the best name ever. When my daughter was young she asked for "pawstie pakes." I too had her take me to the pantry to show me what she wanted - Frosted Flakes of course. But this one is just too cute!


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