Monday, September 30, 2013

A Gentle Reminder

Thanks to All the Slicers for such a Great Community
On Saturday I was running errands!  I went to see some friends and cheer them on in the Road Runner Marathon, here in Akron.  I had to pick up paperwork at the doctor's office, drop off a prescription and on and on...You get the idea-busy, busy, busy! rush! rush! rush!  Yet, one of the things I cherish about drive time is think time.  In my private think time (alone in the car-moms with kids or readers with spouses you understand this completely), I relish in all I can think through and sometimes, I think so deeply that my foot tends to put a little too much pressure on the gas pedal and I begin to speed without noticing that I've gone over the posted speed limit.  I really try not to go more than 5 over but sometimes it just happens!

On this glorious, sunny Saturday morning as I was having my think time, there was a kind police officer parked near the shady brush to the side of the road.  He "radar-gunned" my speedy silver streak and decided to pull me over.  He meandered up to the car and started in on the conversation.

In his deepest-too-much-time-at-the-doughnut-shop sort of voice announced, "Good morning!  You probably know why I've pulled you over. (pause) What were you thinking about?"

"Oh, I was daydreaming about all of the work I need to accomplish this weekend!" I sheepishly squeaked out.

He paused, "What do you do?"

I smiled and eked out, "I'm a teacher..."

"Oh, yeah?  My mother was a teacher.  (pause) I need to see your driver's license and insurance card please!" the booming voice requested.

I just wanted to vomit right then and there-yes, the mixture of coffee, English muffin and banana that I had just gobbled down before running over to the doctor .  I was just trying to enjoy my think time and here I'm getting a speeding ticket!  Kevin would probably be pissed that we had to pay for a stupid ticket on this stretch.  It was area changed from 35 to 25!

After a few minutes had gone by and my nausea sub-sided a little, the chubby cop meandered back to my car, "Because you're a teacher, I'm letting you off with a "written" warning today!  (to myself, "oh thank God!") It's going to stay on file for a year and if I catch you again speeding I'll have to give you the longer one.  Just slow down now."

"Ohh, ooo-kay" I quivered.

"You're free to pull away now.  The road is safe."

After I pulled out on to the road and got over the fact that I narrowly escaped getting a ticket, I went back to my think time.  However, I was now connecting it with a slice, a life lesson, and teaching.  I thought kids.  I thought about them rushing.  I thought about what they might be thinking when they are rushing.  I thought about how often I went straight to the ticket!  How well did I suggest slowing down?...sometimes we just need a gentle reminder to slow down, just slow down.  What do you think?

**Side bar**  I didn't look at the written warning until I got home-I was going 33 in a 25...thanks for the written warning and the slice of life Mr. Officer!


  1. I love that you connected your own narrow escape to kids (and all of us)rushing through life. It is SO true...all of us...can get lost in our thoughts and ideas...and be going through life a little TOO fast at times. Our kids do that in their writing as they try to finish up before sharing time or as they try to finish up before recess or gym. I'm going to take YOUR kind POs warning to heart myself as I know that I too have been taking some liberty with speed limits lately as I rush through the days of my life!

  2. What a powerful lesson you took away and then shared! I know I need the reminder to slow down sometimes.

  3. Rushing often gets me in trouble. As I have gotten older and wiser, this is one of the lessons I keep repeating. We must slow down. For many reasons. The main one being it's just not worth it.
    I enjoyed your story.

  4. I love how you connected this to the classroom. What an interesting analogy. How often do we just go straight to the ticket? Thanks for sharing your thinking.

  5. I can think of at least 10 embarrassing mistakes that I made yesterday due to rushing...hence, my blog this week: Goodnight Stress :) Thanks for the reminder- I needed to read this today. And your kids are lucky to have such a considerate teacher!

  6. Definitely a lucky day for you! You had me a little worried when you went back into your think time that maybe there was another officer waiting on another corner. Glad it was only a warning!

  7. The thought, the event, the after thought. I like your word choice and inner voice in this slice.

  8. Connections! Not Sure I would have had the mind to make the connection with my students if I had been the one getting the ticket--or almost. Kudos for you for still having the heart of a teacher!

  9. oh how I love the think time, the coffee time, the slice time...and thanks for the reminder to slow down and think about my driving more often, Amy! xo

  10. Slow down...slow down...slow down! It's a good (and thankfully FREE) reminder. :)

  11. Although I've never gotten pulled over, I have gotten so lost in thought I end up speeding down the highway. Glad everything worked out for the best!

  12. There are so many reasons to love being a teacher. You just found another one. Loved your story.


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