Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ocean's Treasure Not for Me

Day 2 of National Poetry Month

Post inspired by Bud the Teacher's Picture Prompt

Ocean's Treasure Not for Me

Bringing new treasure every minute

Looking carefully

to see what's in it

Using the waves to bring it to shore

Gazing endlessly

what beach walking is for

Washing and tumbling with the sand

picking through

sorting out on the hand

Dropping back down and washing out

"Treasure no more!"

crashing waves shout.

Taking trash back, out to sea

discarding away...

No treasure for me!

As I thought of this poem, I reflected back on the days when I was a child walking on the beach.  I always hunted for the perfect shell-like the ones I'd see in the stores-never to find such treasure.  Seeking perfection always-never satisfied...letting it go

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