Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Capturing Happy Birthday-a Sound Cloud Moment

Week 1 of 52  Thank you to Stacey and Ruth for hosting the Tuesday Slice of Life Challenge!

Capturing Happy Birthday  Click the link to the left to hear the sound cloud... During the March Slice of Life Challenge 2013, I witnessed Kevin (Dogtrax), Stacey, and Alan begin using Sound Cloud to record and capture moments of sound as part of daily slices.  I wanted so badly to join in this fun, but the time just wasn't there to play around and try it, for the time being, I used the "voice memos" button on my iPhone to capture Natalie saying, "Happy Birthday" on Kevin's birthday.

Just today, I registered on Sound Cloud and set up my account.  I played back the voice memo and recorded it on Sound Cloud.  Some new learning for me-thank you for the inspiration Kevin, Stacey and Alan.

Back to the capture of Nattie's voice-she makes me laugh.  She was talking and saying Happy Birthday very clearly and when I took out the phone to record it-she suddenly became shy and would only whisper.  As she watched the timer tick on the phone, she must have thought it was a clock and then became obsessed with saying it was a clock.  Oh, if only I could get in her brain and know what she was really thinking!

I hope to capture more sound cloud moments as slices of my life! 


  1. I'm glad to hear you're playing with Sound Cloud. I want to jump on too. :)

  2. The sounds of her voice will be so fun to listen to when she is older. If only they would not turn shy.

  3. So so adorable Amy! What a wonderful "new" way to communicate to loved ones far away!

  4. Her voice is've captured it wonderfully!

  5. I liked reading the description of Nattie watching the orange lines on the Sound Cloud recording. Isabelle was so perplexed by them. Every time she saw them (as you may've heard from mine) she wanted it to go off. Funny!

    Very cute, Amy! Glad you took the Sound Cloud plunge.

  6. This is so much fun! Precious memories.

  7. This is terrific, Amy. I want to try it with my granddaughters too. We have a few audiotapes of our children when they were little-so fun to hear! Good for you for doing!


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