Monday, April 1, 2013

Mother Nature's April Fool

Spring is Mother Nature's April Fool!

Looking, pining, begging, and cheering to see her step onto the Northern Hemisphere's stage!
Yearning to see
...rays of sun streaming down to warm us
Longing to feel
...breezes swaying the blades of grass
Waiting to smell
...scents of blooming flowers
Reaching to touch
...what is merely a figment of our imagination for now
Desiring to taste
...products of her early works of wonder
Please step forward, come out of the fog and end these cameo only appearances!
Stop playing Mother Nature's April Fool!

Inspired by Bud Hunt's National Poetry Month picture prompt of the day!


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  2. Amy, I really enjoyed your poem. Thanks for the link to Bud Hunt's website. I appreciate it!


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