Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sneak a peek...

Slice of life...thanks to Ruth and Stacey for hosting this community of writers each and very week!

I happened upon a special scene Sunday evening...

I wanted to write about this because writing has become such a focus for me this year. 

I came back  downstairs after putting the kids to bed...not sneakily...but quietly and I was able to sneak a peek of a very sweet moment...

My husband was writing in the journals he started for Kam and Nattie!

This was just a sliver slice...a little moment...I don't know what he was writing about because I didn't violate the privacy of the was just so neat to see...I'll cherish it for many moons!


  1. So sweet and love this idea! What fun and just love to see dad involved and connecting with your little ones in this way! (Oh, but I would be dying to sneak a peek!!!)

  2. How nice that he is doing this, and great that you saw, and savored. Someone else will savor the journals years from now I bet! Thanks Kristi!

  3. So glad you got to see this! What a great thing for a dad to do.

  4. Your kids will treasure the words from their dad. What a special moment to savor.

  5. Tell me more about these journals. Sounds like something I'd like to know more about. Mind emailing me with more info?

  6. You did the right thing by respecting the privacy of the moment. The kids will love reading that one day (and maybe they will share it with you).

    ~ Michael<><
    The Color of Sound

  7. Sweet moment indeed. I think your kids are lucky to have two writing parents. Two voices, two perspectives, double treasures.


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